Intro of Shrein


Hello people i’m a 16 year old guy from Turkey, seems like i am quite young for this forum, but i’ll try to stay civilised. I would tell my name but most people can’t pronounce it anyways, so Shrein is fine. I am best at strategy games and im adept in RPGs too, but im quite new to MMORPGs so all help is much appreciated. My english is not bad and i know some french too, so you could speak with me in french too if you want.


Welcome @Shrein! Age isn’t a factor as long as you’re cool with having fun while not ruining other people’s fun. It’s all good.



Welcome to Strats @Shrein!! glad to have you join us :slight_smile: :strats_green:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard


Welcome to strats :paw:


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


Welcome to Strats! And I wish I could converse in French (being Canadian, it was my second language I took throughout school), but that skill is long gone. About all I could do is ask you where the washroom is and tell you I’m a pizza.


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