Intro ohnokenzilla


Hey everybody, I’m ohnokenzilla, call me Ken. I play on PS4, Destiny mostly these days. I am available most weekdays after 8pm CST, and irregularly on the weekends. Nice to meet you guys, I learned about you from Reddit.


Hey there @ohnokenzilla, welcome to the fam! Nice to meet you too. Good contact for things Destiny is @Dynamible but really most of us play so posting in the Destiny category will net you good response.


Hi Ken welcome to Strats! There are plenty of Strats fireteams breaking the ice with the new content, have fun!


Welcome to Strats. Check out the Destiny category that @vocino mentioned and I’ll see you in game.


Welcome to the Dark side brother, looking forward to seeing you in game and killing some shit.


Hey hey


fixed that for you :wink:
when you have such a great nickname, why not use it?!




Hey hey




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