Intro - The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Good evening, the fine folks of Strats.

I am new to this forum, so let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan, I am an editor for a fairly large animation house based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am a 35 year old gamer, who has been playing video games for probably 30 of those years. From the early Commodore 64 to the current Playstation 4. I am not a huge online gamer, per se, but I find that with a community of like minded gamers, playing online can be an enjoyable experience.

I have already had a great time playing with a couple of the Strats clan members on Destiny. Thanks @TheL0ken and @Auth for helping me run a couple of Queen’s Wrath missions and getting me my first piece of Legendary gear.

I am currently working on a few games including Destiny, primarily Shadow of Mordor (PS4) and Diablo 3 (PS4).

So, please feel free to add me if you like to your PS friends list…

PSNID - vampiresarego

And if you are also part of the PSNProfiles community, for trophy hunting, you can find me over there as well.
I hope to meet and chat with a few of you soon.



OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY DAYUM! Hi Vampires :smiley:

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Hi Vampire welcome to Strats! Hope you find lots to do with our many Destiny PS4 players! See you in game

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