Intro thread


Hi guys! My name is Gary and I’m from the southern US.I’m mainly playing Destiny right now and currently foaming at the mouth for the MCC.

If any of you guys want to add me I’m on XB1 at “Derpin Errday”.I’m down for strikes/raids and anything in general really.

See you fellow Guardians out in the wild!


Hey Gary, welcome to Strats! How did you hear about us?


I was browsing reddit on r/fireteams looking for a group for the weeky nightfall and saw your recruitment thread.


Welcome, welocome


Neat! I thought that was stuck in the spam filter. Was it the one posted Saturday, by chance?


Yea it was.


Hi Gary welcome to Strats! Love the gamertag. There is a dedicated group of Xbox guys working on the Destiny Raid, look for @lazybum965 and @Enjoi. They’ve really gotten the Xbox side rollin’.


Thanks @Nubhugs, Welcome to Strats Gary! I`ll add you on Xbox One tonight, My GamerTag is Cloudrae. We will be completing the VoG run tonight! Were at Atheon, and we would prefer more STCO Members than ringers. Hope to see ya out there!


Derpin in the Dirty.


Ha,lived here all my life but never picked up the accent.


You must live in Florida.





Hope you’re not an LSU fan, sir, or else you were the one who got rekt this weekend.


I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that for the sake of our friendship.


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