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Hi, name’s Jorge I live in Arizona and I’m a US Marine, going by Void Link. I saw this site on Facebook and was intrigued by the goal that you guys share. I’m an avid League of Legends player so I’ve been around the toxicity for awhile (summoner name: Scrubs Lord). Just to let you guys know I never bring anyone down even when they’re not doing great. Let’s see, I also play Guild wars 2 a lot (Username: Throrin.2791). I’ve tried SWTOR for awhile. Steam name and Xbox gamertag are both (AzDs Legend). Twitch name is Reverentyr, I don’t stream though. Please feel free to add me on any, glad to be a part of a good gaming community. :smile:


Welcome @Void_Link! Always happy to see a new face playing Guild Wars 2. Those of us who play have been romping around HoT for the last weekend. What class do you prefer to play the most?




Welcome! Glad you could join us. Here’s the GW2 info:

I know @W1thl0v3, @Diacuss, @senNish and the others would love to have you.


Welcome aboard


On the subject of SWTOR, I really wish I could get into this game. I miss it.


Now’s a good time! I think they just launched a new xpac today!

SWTOR: Fallen Empire

Welcome to Strats! You have many names.


Welcome to Strats! If you need anything feel free to ask. :smile:


Welcome Marine, we have a pretty good military and vet community here. Army SSG here


Welcome to the community. I’ve already sent you a guild invite and I love to see you in game. If you need any help with anything GW2 let me know.


Welcome aboard! Always wonderful to have another in the GW2 family. Hope to see you in game!


I’m not on either of your servers, Unfortunately, but I have started a revenant class. I only have 1 level 80 class and that’s my warrior.


Lemme know if you ever wanna play some League matches :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to strats and boy oh boy do I understand that toxic stuff in League >_< Don’t let the game ever change you!


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family!


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