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SO the 'ol Strats forum is growing and members are starting to invite other people. I think it’s time to post the obligatory “Introduce Yourself” thread. This is it. This thread.

I’ll start: My name is Travis, I’m a software developer and product designer from San Francisco. I grew up on an island off the coast of Miami and moved around a bit before landing here in the city. I have a special love for MMORPGs but I find myself playing a wide variety of games, especially city building sandboxy type stuff.


I’m Adam Sterling. I am an opera singer and computer science programmer. I’m currently based out of DC. I play mostly FPS’s and indie titles.

My name is ThatRatGuy and I’ve been addicted to making crappy Youtube videos for over 4 months now. c:

Hello, I’m your friendly neighborhood Purple. i pley de gaimez sometimes. Expect impeccable typing from me. in my spare time i like to think about abusing cars and my computer.

Name’s Josh, Uni student still… studying physics. I’m a massive TES fan and that’s what’s driving me for ESO. MMO’s are not my forte but I learn very quickly and already have my tank build optimized.

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Hey @Frantic_BK, welcome! Did you see my DK build? Would love to get feedback.

I left feedback. Over on your build post.

I am Chris Hopkins. I am currently a junior in college studying computer science (specifically web development and design) and business (marketing). I am a former WoW player, as well as most FPS’s like the Battlefield series, some of CoD, Counter Strike, and some RPG’s like TES series.


My name is Tommy, I have been in the military for the last 18 years. I have played a number of games over the years ( my first computer was a Vic 20) i have always loved RPG style. Unfortunately I have not played a computer game since 2003 and my first and last MMO was SWG (man I loved that game). I have had a numerous consul systems and currently have a Xbox One. With ESO being released, i built a computer and here I am…Sorry I was away so long.

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I’m embrace, and I’m pumped as shit for this game! I’m mainly a pvper, and played a bunch of mmo’s (Wow, Gw2, Eve) pretty heavily, so I’m ready to sink into this one. See y’all in mumble.

I’m sennish. I have nothing to say. I’m currently based in florida. Oh, that was something… shit…

Alaskan gal, been playing games since I realized I could come home from work and kill dragons on UO. I have high hopes for ESO and contrary to other message boards really like it a lot.


Mike D. here, currently a Service Supervisor for an Energy Services Company here in Oklahoma (which is why i have a terrible work schedule that requires me to work abot 180 hrs every 2 weeks!). Never played an TES game until Skyrim and really got hooked…i havent PC gamed since i was big in WoW , which didnt really require a badass PC. When i discovered ESO was comign out i instantly had a PC built! Really enjoying the game thus far and hope to have alot more fun!

Currently a military photographer for 17 years. I love many different types of video games, but don’t get to play as much as I would like with my job, my wife, and 3 kids. Into computers, electronics, photography, videography, movies, etc.

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Dave here, I’m a former Marine and am now in school to be a paramedic in Austin, TX. I’v been playing TES since Morrowind and wanted a multiplayer element added to this series since then. I am currently leveling two characters, a sorc tank and a nightblade. One speced for crafting and the other purely speced for DPS. The goal is to reach veteran levels by May so I’ll see you guyses out there.

Names Dave, I’m 32 and I am a Database Programmer as well as a Combat Medic in the Army. I have a wife and 4 kids that often interrupt my game time. I started playing MMOs with Everquest 2 and have since tried most of the big name ones as well as a few horrible piles of crap that should have never have been created such as Star Trek Online and The Matrix Online. Oh and I live in Minnesota.

My name is @Majordomo and i am a deposed Nigerian prince! Please support me by sending me money! i must return to my throne and save the children!


My name is Art ( or @iamkrillin). In game I am a Templar Artimus Dusol and I reside in Califonia.

Money sent! I normally don’t send money to people I meet on the internet…but it’s for the children. :slight_smile:

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