Introducing myself: Old MacDonald


Hi guys, I’m a 19 year old EMT in Louisiana working my way through college. In my free time i play games with friends like albion, rust, and smash, as well as rock climbing, and a little volunteer work.


Welcome to the Strats family @Old_MacDonald, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome Old_MacDonald


How is your farm, @Old_MacDonald? :wink:

Haha, all jokes aside … welcome to Strats! Glad to have you here.


Welcome to the Dark side brother, so would i be right in guessing you’re a farmer in Albion? :wink:


Hello MacDonald, welcome!


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! I’ve never heard of smash.


Welcome! and I do hope that name means you’ll be helping out farming :smile:


Welcome to :strats_green:!


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