Introducing myself

Hey guys!

I’m Max and go by maxster127 on most games, mainly playing stuff to keep myself sane during lockdown so got a lot on the go!
At the moment I’m playing Albion Online and CS:GO, both of which I’m trash at but hoping to get better, and just looking for some guys to play with :slight_smile:
Hope everyone’s getting on well and staying safe, I’ll be jumping on the discord to say hello to everyone now!


Welcome to Strats, Max! I’m not sure if there are too many here still playing Albion Online, and can’t say I’ve seen anyone fire up CS:GO, but we’re a pretty diverse community so it’s more than possible I’ve just overlooked it.

Have you joined Discord yet?



Welcome to the party! Definitely take a look-see in the Discord sidebar to see who’s playing what; we used to have several people playing both games, but I don’t think we have many folks (if any) still in Albion. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

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