Introducing the Twitch Desktop App Beta


Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Twitch will be launching a Desktop App on March 16. Using it’s acquisition of Curse a while back, the app looks to take the synergies of Curse and apply them to the world of streaming in a combined world of gloriousness.

You now will be able to create your own Twitch server for your community to hang out in and stay in touch, even when your stream is offline. And because we know that it’s challenging to get all your friends in one place, we’ve made it super easy for you to import and centralize your friends from the game communities you belong to! And now that your friends are all in a central place, you will be able to instantly and easily get in touch with them via whispers as well as new voice and video calls.

Anyone want to install yet another chat app?




If it gets me a step closer to my dream, sure.


Dang, Twitch has been adding some features this year: from username changes to notifications to channel feeds in a single tab to this.


I was talking to a colleague about this the other day. It’s either good or bad news for Discord. My gut reaction is bad news. What they’re doing now is exactly what would have made a Discord acquisition by Amazon probable. They need to find another large player in the space that wants to compete.

If I were Discord I would be moving toward other platforms and start being less tied to the Twitch ecosystem.


If they were to find another “large player,” would they be going slowly towards YouTube, Beam, HitBox, and other streaming/recording communities out there? Or will they take a step into casual, non-gaming-related communities. Not sure what you meant by “moving towards other platforms… less tied to the Twitch ecosystem.”


whats your dream?


To be a Twitch celebrity.

Edit - with a strong brand.


Wait, they are using the curse client? or just the curse style application.

The curse client is already super integrated into twitch.


I believe they just branded the curse app as a twitch app now with some updates, haha.


Hopefully that means the curse app rolls into the twitch app and we don’t just get ANOTHER voip program.

Never thought I’d say it but DAMN that market is saturated now…


What if Twitch buys out Discord though…


Have you used the curse app? If not I totally recommend giving it a try. We don’t have a strats community on Curse yet, as far as I am aware.

They really don’t need to buy discord, their app is better in every way. I thought Discord would be in a great place but literally everyone does Slack better than discord.

Discord locks a ton of features behind “premium” walls such as personal servers for things like your youtube or twitch channel and all the admin features that come with it, curse allows all that.


I never heard of the Curse app haha. I’ve seen websites made with Curse though. I’ll give it a try.


For realz!? Did you skip WoW or something?


I have never played before WoW haha.



At this point I’d say you’re missing out. World of Warcraft is a genre defining game. Heck I’m pretty sure you can even play for free up to level 20. You don’t even have to buy the game. It will least get you the experience of having played the very beginning of the game. I would say it’s at least worth a play.

For as much shit that people give it, the game has usually push down very good updates and is usually the market leader in terms of defining what an MMO should look like.


I’ve been missing out so much on MMORPG-style games. Usually just concerned about getting addicted and then pay for subscriptions afterwards.