Introduction (albion online)


Hey guys,

I was looking for a guild like this for some time now and i found out on reddit about you guys and decided to join in if you accept me.

In short about me i am 28 software developer, own my own company, married … the regular stuff i guess :))) Been playing MMO’s since UO back in 1997, moved to wow after that and accidentally ended up in a world top 20 guild for some time, but it was to hardcore for me and after 7 years decided its time to quit as I did not have the time to commit anymore for that. I have been officer in wow for about 3 years in my guild, and i did enjoy it for some time but at the end decided to step down and pass that position to others as things changed a lot. After that i moved to lotro for about 2-3 years and been playing that ever since, been enjoying the casual life but ever since UO i have been looking something to replace my sandbox world needs and i never found the perfect thing. Past 1 year i have been looking in to albion online development and i noticed some really nice progress and some really good potential in the game to fill me sandbox needs so to say and for this beta me and a friend decided to pledge to the founder packs with the middle founders pack, hopefully help the development and learn the game in the meantime. I was looking true a lot of videos and basically i feel like i know whats going on and what i should be doing when we start but that’s about it as much as you can learn from videos, i have also been sitting on the forums and reddit reading up on albion online stuff.

well yeah… in short that’s me, my gaming life and some of my real life, just to add i live in Bulgaria, Europe (Greece time) i think that’s like +8h of US/NU, and its +2 on UK time and +1 on Italy/France/Germany. My play time usually is at evening, from Friday evening to Sunday we often do like 48h or so game sessions with my buddy, alto he is from US, and will apply separably to the guild.
I don’t have problem using any voice programs like mumble, ts3, vent etc., and i am usually pretty active on forums etc.

Id love to join your guild and if you have any questions for me feel free to ask id be happy to answer.

Thanks and hope to see you soon in game :slight_smile:

ps: to add i also play CS GO, Dragon age 1,2 maybe 3 soon as well, Dayz Origins, Dayz standalone (alto rarely now because of the bullshit development), 7 days to die, AOE 2, HOMM 3, 5 and 6, RON and COH 1 and 2


Welcome to Strats, I myself am a 7 Days to Die player. If you like 7DTD you should check out Ark: Survival Evolved


thanks for the invite but for some reason i dont like the game, ive invested over 1.5k hours in dayz standalone and bout the same amount in dayz mod (different, mostly vanilla/origins), and not sure if i want to hop in another survival game. I got 7 days to die only cuz my friend wanted me to play with him there not much in to it tho. Thanks for the invite tho :slight_smile:


yeah but taming and riding dinosaurs. Who could ask for more?


Welcome to the Dark side, We’re just gearing up for this new Albion beta, and are all excited to get back into the game.


Welcome aboard.


happy to hear that :smiley: im excited to join it as well


Welcome to the community.


Welcome to Strats! Can’t wait for Beta to launch!


Welcome on board the crazy train. Well, maybe I’m the only one who brings the crazy. But it’s definitely a train! Choo choo!


i just purchased my founders pack i think was the epic one for 50 bucks, created a char and its named Tixo :slight_smile: now i cant wait :smiley:


Hey mate, welcome to the party; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


thanks so far the guild is more harder to get to know than the game :smiley: so many people, such a big community! nah all jokes aside all good for now, thanks for all :slight_smile:


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