Introduction from the Midwest


Greetings! I hail from the mostly flat state of Misery (Missouri). Life long gamer starting with the first Sears brand Pong electronic game. Played on most consoles, favor PC and enjoy the weekly tabletop gaming group as well.

Currently playing Battlefield 1 and looking for some people to join me. I have some squad exp bonus items to assist in early leveling as well.


Welcome good sir!

It is GLORIOUS to have you.


Welcome to the site. How did you find us?

Iโ€™m currently playing BF1 on Origin and just today purchased Titanfall 2 on sale.

My Origin handle is teh_ninjaneer


Just did a search online for Battlefield 1 guilds and yours was the top link.

My Origin handle is cjensen071


Welcome to the party! I went ahead and tacked your username onto the running Origin list we have. We had a nice, new, pretty BF1 PC thread in the long long ago; maybe @xploz1on would be so kind as to remake the awesomeness since his internet is back?

Also, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Orly. Well thatโ€™s really neat.


Welcome aboard! Love the handle too :slight_smile:




thanks, its in reference to my supernatural tendency to be the victim of a head shot upon spawn in most FPS games. I enjoy them, but i am far from what you would call good.


Welcome to Strats! Care for a :beer: or :beers:? Have a few cold ones in the cooler.

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