Introduction - Lyteforce


Hidey ho folks!

My name is Chris, but online everyone knows me as Lyteforce (PSN: lyteforce_cdn / XBL: lyteforce cdn - if you send me a FR, put StratsCo in the text! I’m shy.). Where did I come up with that handle? No clue, although I’m old as dirt and it’s the one I used back in my BBS days.

You’ll likely find me wiping raids in Destiny on my PS4 these days, or supporting the efforts of my fellow clanmates in the Dads of Destiny Foxtrot. I’ve also been known to fire up other titles from time-to-time, though TTK has been a major time suck as of late. And if I do find myself so inclined, I might be found messing around with the odd title from my Steam library on the PC.

I’ve started messing around with Twitch (, streaming my exploits of mediocrity with the boys in Destiny or on my own with every title that gathers dust days after I fire them up for the first time. In fact, it was this interest in Twitch that led me this way close to a year ago and I decided that today would be a good day to come out from the shadows. It’s Hallowe’en and all.

Not that it matters, I live up here in the green part of the Great White North and while I don’t know Bob from Winnipeg, I’m sure he’s a stand up dude. John from Toronto is not. Not at all.

Anywho, it’s been a pleasure meeting y’all!


Very humorous and well though out introduction. Welcome to the light. I see you joined Strats in Dec of 2014.


Nearly a year of lurking from the other side. But with all the knowledge I’ve leeched from the site, I figured it was time to at least try and pay a couple cents back. It’s the Canadian thing to do.


I get it, i’m from Minnesota so I’m almost Canadian.


Always nice too see a fellow guardian. Maybe you can join some of the Strats clan members for a raid of two. We have loads of active members. Myself and @ohnokenzilla are in charge of the Destiny clan. We will have to hang out and kill many aliens together.


Sounds like a plan to me. But I wasn’t lying about wiping raids - there’s just something magical about a Titan flying straight into Oryx with a Fists of Panic… err… Havoc.


Lol nice


Welcome aboard.


Glad to have you on board!


Hey mate, welcome to the party (officially); let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! Wow, another Canadian Guardian, we’re being infiltrated!


Pretty sure that the movie Canadian Bacon was in fact a covert means by Canada to set the world’s mind at ease. The invasion has started. Double doubles will rule the world!


Well, in that case… my wife tells me that one of my issues is that I game too much. Any suggestions on how to deal with that?

I’ll show myself the door. It’s been great everyone! Thanks for the hospitality!


The answer depends on how much you value your family and whether or not my wife sees this comment :wink:


Welcome to Strats!


Hi and welcome to Strats! I hope that you enjoy your time here. :smile:


Welcome to the :strats_blue: Strats family @lyteforce!


Thanks to everyone for the fantastic welcome! Here’s to hoping I’ll be slightly better than mediocre one day to represent #teamStrats on my stream (and yes, I know it’s under review). :grin:


Welcome @lyteforce, sorry for my late reply. Hectic Halloween weekend. Great intro!


Welcome to Strats. We’ve got a great Destiny group here.