Introduction M_Idriss



I am a PS4 player. FPS make me sick so I play 3rd PS. I would like to join you to play many games specially the division.
I a Canadian 40 year old (french). Married with 3 kids. I am working in finance and I love Crossfit. I can plays alot because my wife is a gamer and let me :blush:

MI ps4 ID is M_Idriss

See you soon


Welcome aboard


Welcome to Strats!!! I’m glad you made it here…we will be ramping up our Division hype here soon as it is still a few months off. We will be well organized for the beta!! If you need anything please feel free to ask :smile:


Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the :strats_blue: Strats family @M_Idriss!


Thank you. Hopefully you can add me in your PSN friend list


Welcome to the party @M_Idriss!

There. Fixed it. :smile:


Battlefront can be played in 3rd person :wink:


I know for battlefront. I do play it in 3Rd. Still in my learning curve because I am not used too play like the fps


Hey the info about my wife being a gamer was important :smiling_imp:


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