Introduction: M.Lai

Hello everyone! I’m mlai364, but call me M for short. ( nickname is meth but thats a drug so :confused: )

I’m available at odd hours and don’t have a fixed schedule
I usually play Dota2 and CS:GO and new player to console fps.

Anyway glad to have seen a post on reddit to prompt me to come sign up since I usually play solo.


Edit: Forgot to mention, I play destiny on PS4 and the rest is on pc.


Well “meth” could also be short for “methane” but that’s not really much better.

Hahaha its a Thai name. The other variation would be “mate”.
On the bright side, its memorable and unique!

Welcome to the Dark side, hope to see you in Destiny!

Welcome friend!

Welcome! Be sure to check out the Destiny category. We have a name swap there to fill your friends list.

Hi M Welcome to Strats! How do you feel about the CZ75 adjustments?

Hi, I have mixed feelings about it. The mag reduction from 12 to 8 hurts and the slow animation. I think its just meh now (for lack of a better word), but on the bright side, less of CZ rushers. I personally prefer P250 more so I can’t say much about the adjustments.
What about you? From what I hear, “Tec-9 too OP” but I still can’t see much a difference, just more spammable and allows for shoot and run with less rate of fire than p250

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Welcome, my PS4 is just for GTA V and Last of Us. I’m mainly on PC as well. Add me on Steam, @ Wheatums310

I added you on steam. steam name is “Captain Rekt”

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Welcome! M can be short for a lot of things. Including Millions.

… or Monty

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