Introduction! Npcs are weird. An asura just walked right through a char's legs like it was totally normal


Hello everyone, I’m Iguy, aka Yaan. I’m very busy right now as a student, but I do have some free time and love to kick back and play some video games. I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 casually by myself for a while on and off, mostly doing solo leveling, and I’m interested in trying some more challenging group dungeons with friends, especially with raids coming around the corner. I consider myself more of a casual gamer and don’t really like most pvp/combat games, and prefer MMOs, single player RPGs, and strategy games (as well as speedrunning!). I hope I can contribute to Strats Co, make some friends, and have a good time with you all.

I main Engi in GW2, but also have a level 49 Ele and level 67 Guard.

I’m mostly busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but I’ll be on for a few hours the rest of the week.

Other games I play/used to play:
Super Smash Bros 4
WoW (not anymore, GW2 is better)
Pokemon (Pearl speedrunning)
Spiral Knights (not anymore)

See you in the game!


Welcome to the community!!!


Welcome to the fam! (moved your post to Introductions)


Welcome to the Strats family!


Welcome aboard!


One of us! One of us!

Welcome to the party and congratulations on picking the best class in GW2; the only thing better than an Engineer is a Charr Engineer :wink:

Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions!


Welcome! Pokemon Pearl FTW :slight_smile:


You should look up PokeMMO. And welcome!


Hi @Iguy~ Welcome to Strats! We’re happy to have you here. :blush:


Welcome. Glad to have another engi on the team


Welcome to the Strats Fam! Can’t wait to see you in game.


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @Iguy !