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I saw a FaceBook post with a Discord link and decided to check it out. I go by many names Queen, Evermoore, and Raven are the most common. I have a PS4 and a Switch (though my PS4 gets most of my attention). I have a lot of hobbies/interests. I come from a family of Hot Air Ballonists. I love learning languages Japanese is the main language I’m focusing on. I love to write and work on my art. Anything gothic is usually right up my ally. (Which is why my main ESO character is a vamp) I’m still a bit new to ESO but its already become one of my favorite games. I hope to meet some new people and maybe learn some tips for ESO.


Welcome to the club!

You come from a family of hot air balloonists?! How cool is that? Would love to see photos. I’ve always wanted to take a ride in one. They have them a bit north of me up in wine country of northern California.

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Welcome to Strats @Queenbluemoon1!

I’m intrigued. Is this a family tradition? Something that gets passed down from generation to generation?

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Welcome to Strats!

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Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

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Yes it is a family tradition of a sort, My Grandfather became a pilot when my dad was 9 years old. They traveled most of the east coast doing festivals and rallies when they got the chance. My grandfather’s balloon is actually really special considering it has flown over the great wall of China. Though it was the former pilot who actually did it. My dad & grandfather have met some some intriguing and wonderful people along the way. Even a few famous people. Some of those people (especially those deep into the ballonist community) have become like family to all of us. Since I was born into it and have known many Ballonists from birth it really does feel like they are family. I was also born on the starting date of a local balloon festival so for many years I had Hot Air Balloons dot the sky on or near my birthday. Sadly that festival shut down when I was about 15 due to lack of funding. The first (and thus far only) time I was able to go up is when my father got me to go without my mother’s approval when I was 13. Just that once was more than enough to make me fall in love with it forever. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling of all the worries falling off my shoulders as we lifted up into the sky. My grandfather was the pilot and my dad was with us so its a memory I cherise dearly. Now that I’m 19 if I get the chance again I’d love to go back up and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going up.

It wasn’t exactly planned to be passed down but its one of those things that just sort of happens. My dad isn’t a pilot on paper (due to money issues and other things that happened) but he knows more about ballooning than many pilots. My dad is usually the one that works the crown line (the line that helps pull the balloon down and direct it to a landing spot) I am usually the one who holds the skirt open for inflation. I also take pictures on occasion and educate people when I can. My uncle and his sons didn’t take to it quite as much as my dad and I but you can tell its still in their blood.

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