Introductions: Hello!


Hey everyone, just joined the community and I’m glad to have joined. I’m an 18 year old gamer, and I prefer strategy over bum rushing in my games. I hope I’ve found the right place for that! Thanks for having me!


When I first saw your name come up on the admin dashboard I thought you were a test account that one of our mods created to test something :slight_smile:

Welcome to :strats_blue:!


I can see why haha. :slight_smile:



Hi. What sort of games do you play? Are you on PC or console?


What are you playing right now and what platforms do you play on?

EDIT: What @teh_ninjaneer said


I am a PC gamer, and have been for 3 years now. I play PS4 only occasionally when I get the random desire to play Call of Duty.

I actually joined this community searching for a Ghost Recon: Wildlands TF, and stumbled upon this website. Currently, my main games are GR: Widlands, Rocket League, and Forza Horizon 3.


I was just going to ask you about Wildlands. You should join us there, it’s a ton of fun with a good squad.

We generally use Discord for voice comms rather than any particular game’s built in voice comms. You can connect your accounts at


That was the idea I had. I’ll be contacting Auth soon about that, just trying to get settled in on the website right now. I’ll get Discord set up now.




@Vapethulu have you talked vape with @tommy2118 yet?


@Vocino Bit of an issue when attempting to merge Discord with this website. Both accounts use the same email address, however, it brings up this page after clicking on Discord and then clicking Authorize:

“You must verify your email address with Discord.”


Is your email address verified on Discord?


Yes, it is. Just double checked.


That’s strange. Maybe @tommy2118 knows what’s up with it.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Strats! Before I offer you a beverage, need to know where you’re located. I’m not the Shady Strats Bartender… :wink:


@lyteforce I’m from Alabama :smile:


Fabulous. What that means, is you can grab whatever non-alcoholic :tropical_drink: you want from the bar! :wink:


Deep South gamers! I’m in Alabama also.

Deep South Gamers actually sounds like a great esports name.


Now I want to see this happen.