InvaderDoom Here :)

What’s up everybody? Names InvaderDoom, I’m pretty much just a dude who loves games. I stream on twitch and make YouTube videos when I have the time. Mainly a MMO/MOBA player with some different stuff in between. Always looking for the next interesting game so if anyone wants to game it up, let me know!

Does that work for an introduction? God I suck at these things XD

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Great job! Welcome man. We play all kinds of games and are always looking to get into something new. Be sure to browse around and see if there anything you like!

Welcome Invaderdoom to Strats!!

Thanks guys! So someone added me to the Strats group on Twitter that made me come here. Best decision ever! I’m not usually much of a forum guy, but this place is awesome. Very well organized, notifications when someone comments, messages, or any other activity. So props and thanks to whomever added me to the twitter group! XD


Thanks for the kind words. We are only at the beginning, too. Not only are there plenty of leadership opportunities in our guilds but there’s also many features that still need to be build. We are more than open to feedback, suggestions, and recommendations.

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Right now I can’t think of any suggestions. Maybe the only suggestion I can think of would maybe you guys should start a streaming community channel. Where all of the members can set up a streaming time and the streamers can stream on one particular channel, and on their own as well.

However I mean even the mobile version of this site is awesome, so keep up the good work! Hope I can contribute!

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Have you not seen Strats on Twitch yet?

I haven’t seen it :stuck_out_tongue: that was just an off the head suggestion haha

I still need to get in the streaming group :slight_smile: I usually try and stream 4-5 days a week for a couple hours

I can add you when o get home.

Welcome to Strats invaderdoom!! What specific games do you stream?

Mainly I like to play MMO’s, but I also like Moba/RTS games(even though I kinda suck at them haha), but what I really love is a good crafting game. I used to play a game called Salem: The crafting MMO but it got super old. I’m really looking forward to H1Z1, but SOE is SOE and I can’t get my hopes too high. Honestly though, I like pretty much everything, Video Games are an art form IMO so I like to sit back, relax, and explore worlds that people have created.

Love it. I don’t think enough people sit back and enjoy game worlds. It’s just rush rush rush through it all and on to the next game.

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I used to be like that. It wasn’t until I got older, and started doing videos, animation and even dabbling with creating my own video game worlds did I learn to appreciate the hard work that went into making a game. Even if a game sucks, it still took a lot of work to create and I can appreciate that.

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@Vocino where should I put any suggestions I might have? Would I put them in the meta? My suggestion would be maybe a streaming category? Where all the streamers can put their links in threads and people can discuss different streaming setups/OBS setups/Overlays and such. What do you think of that idea? I think it could be a small incentive for newer streamers to join the forum looking for advice or maybe even people looking for graphics that beginning freelance artists can help new streamers/youtubers out with.

Is there already a place for this? I couldn’t find one and I think it would be kinda cool.

@invaderdoom It is funny that you brought this up. @Vocino, @Auth and myself were just having this conversation. I think we left it at just needing to come up with a category name that would cover everything from videos to streaming. I think I had suggested Media Production.


Invader’s intro has had a great run. “Reply as linked topic” if you want further discussion, replies have been mostly off-topic from his intro as of late.

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