Invitation Etiquette

Hey Everyone,

So this is pretty much my first real post. Is there some kind of etiquette regarding inviting people to your fireteam? Very recently, I’ve stopped my own progress in a game because someone said they were forming up for nightfall or the daily. I jump over, only to be told it is now full and I need to take off. This has happened to me 3 times in the last week - please note that I haven’t gotten many invites either. Basically, is this the norm around here (i.e. invite as many people as possible and tell late comers to blow)? Personally, I only invite enough people as there are spaces to the team. I wait a bit, and then send out additional invites so this kind of thing doesn’t happen. Again, I’m only posting this because it’s been happening a lot to me lately…and with different people/groups. Maybe I’m just being grumpy.

Thanks and happy gaming!


I think some people behave like that, but it’s not the only way. I’m not sure what side of the house (I play on PS4), but generally there’s a generic Strats chat channel up that people not currently grouped hang out in to find people to run with. I personally don’t ever send out invites, but I can see how mass inviting could be problematic. Perhaps try to get with some of the other turn-aways in that situation or just address it with the individual sending out the invites. I don’t think it’s overly bad form to send more invites than spots, just a different, more self-focused mentality; they’re only looking for enough people to do what they want to do rather than really working as a group. I doubt it’s personal, but it’s good that the discussion is out there. Hopefully people will think on this thread in the future when forming groups :wink:

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I’m PS4. I don’t think it’s personal at all, just rude. Twice I stopped a solo run where I was pretty far along. Thanks for your input.

Yeah mate, keep an eye out for the “Strats Party Party” and such :wink:

I agree with @Auth , when I’m looking for a group I use the folks in my channel. When there are not enought available in my channel I start popping into other party chats. I seldom use or respond to the in game invite system.

I’m sorry Colin. I sent out seven invites to do the night fall. I only had two responses, but my intention was to get a party going. The best way to get into groups is to join a party and say hello😁

You weren’t bad about it at all - no worries. I had it happen before and the people were rude. I just wanted to get a feel for if I was overreacting and this was a normal thing to do.

I personally will try and invite only a few people to start it off knowing that I’ll need more. After that I start tossing out a couple more invites. Trying to keep it only to the amount of people I need. For example, if I needed only 1 more, I’d toss one out and wait a few min, then toss another. I try to keep the amount of invites being sent out to the amount of people I need - basically assuming the others will say yes. If they don’t respond, or say they can’t, I move on.

That said, if you got an invite and delayed by even 5 minutes, the others might have assumed you didn’t want to join up, and simply moved on to invite others.

Either way, if you ever need help, or whatnot, let me know. I think I’ve got you on my friends list, but we’ve actually never gamed together before.

I also don’t use the invite stuff… I usually do create a channel called Strats Social when I’m on. (or Tycatte’s Party if I’m lazy)

While I love the game and am happy I got it on the PS4, it is only due to the fact that most others here are PS4. I have very little faith in Sony’s UI. Somebody sent me a message once that took 24 hours to get to me. Most do seem to be at least a little faster… um… my point being, as others have said, either create a channel with an inviting name or just join others.

Also go through the folks here and send out friend requests and put Strats in the note. Expand that list of chats.