Iron Banner 2.0

Welcome guardians

Today the new iron banner was released. We have a week guardians. Just one week to get the new gear they have released. The Armor has been updated to get YOU to thirty. Below is the new armor that was released.


It has been confirmed that Iron Banner gear cannot be deconstructed for ascendant shards.

Damage differences have not been disclosed, but fireteam leaders must be level 20 to lead into the Iron Banner.


Did they retroactively adjust the armor from the previous Iron Banner?

No. The only level thirty items are gloves and boots as well. If you break any of it down, you don’t get shards.

I just fell in love. Idk if I’m gonna make it to rank 4 tho…

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I’m going for it. I was level 1 or so last round. Might be doable in a week. But Dragon Age came out today. What’s a guy to do?

I got midway thru level 2 I think. They made it easier tho now losses give you something to turn into rep.

Does anyone know if Nightfall modifier applies to Iron Banner Rep???

Anyone that gets to play a match please update this thread with your experience. I wanna know how much level actually affects your damage/defense. Bungie said it should be more drastic.

Might be 30 by the end of the week considering I’m already lvl 3! It’s about time.

But I’m also picking up Dragon Age today. That’s one too many games on my plate. Tough life.

The level is supposed to be a big contributor, so much so you can’t lead a fireteam without being twenty. I can’t wait to see the level differences and get some gloves.

I did get GTA V though…

PSA: Apparently you can buy a buff to increase IB rep gains. HOWEVER, many thought this was a consumable (use when you want) but in reality, the second you purchase it, it activates automatically and starts a 12 hour countdown timer.

So in short, buy the buff when you’re ready to put many hours into IB and not before that.

EDIT: Corrected to state that you can purchase buff as many times, not just once.


Are we Nightfalling tn or is there no point? Essentially my question lol. @JohnOnTheRocks or anyone else I’d potentially Nightfall with.

I’m Nightfalling at least once tonight. I’m hoping to run some people through for my event! I will be playing Iron Banner a ton this week though and after I run some people through :smile:

My Iron Banner Review:

Its awesome; its a big difference from last time. Those with levels above you are harder to kill; those with lower levels are easier. Example: I’m level 28 and used to end up near the middle of every PVP game. Today, with no improvement in skill, I’m #1 or #2 on my team every game.


  1. Use your best, upgraded gun. Upgrades make the difference. My TDYK hand cannon is wailing on people; I love it.

  2. I can’t comment too much on armor, but I seem to be doing pretty well.


  1. All Iron Banner games have been Control for me so far. Cool fact: most of the flag locations are in different spots, at least on most maps. Example: Firebase Delphi, all flags are relocated. B is moved to the middle of the stairs; C is moved out of the death cage; and A is not on top of the spawn platform.

All in all, its a nice change to the game play and I’m noticing a difference in my end-match outcomes. See you online.


Does rank 4 seem attainable?

I almost cleared rank 1 (on the way to 2) in 1.5 hours. Rank 4 might be doable if you can get easy bounties throughout the week. I nocked out 4 easy bounties today and it almost pushed me to level 2.

I’m dominating iron banner right now if anyone wants to join the cause

what’s your psn? same as this?

mine’s the same, just add me. im down

also, anyone that wants to get on right now and play we have 2 currently looking like 4 at 930 EST. looking to get at least 2 more so we can power level this!

How are everyone’s Iron Banner rank looking? Right now I am rank 2.

I’m like 550 away from rank 3.

***Can anyone confirm @DanceBurgerDance post about being able to buy the buff multiple times? I trust Strats>Reddit