Iron Banner 9PST Tonight

Hey all, who want’s to team up tonight and crush some unsuspecting suckas tonight in the Iron Banner? I’ll be on at 9 PST if anyone wants to do this.

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Hell yeah!

Count me in.

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Pick me! But uhh later tonight, like… 1/2am EST?

Nothing good ever happens past midnight.

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Lol, hey now. 80% of my gaming occurs after midnight. I think I’ve done pretty well for myself considering.

I’ll probably be on 9pm PST till 2am PST so that should work out!

Iron Banner is 6v6 right? Let’s try to get a full Strats team going!

yeah totally! See if we can get some of that nice legendary gear.

I’d love to, but if I do as bad as I did last weekend, I’m definitely going to give up a slot for someone else. It was bad. Like, comically bad. I had fun, but when it’s not rumble, I kinda feel bad for my team. This is what happens when you wait until you’re 38 to learn how to PvP on a console. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I got held up with some work stuff. I’m on now if yall want to do it?