Iron Banner Is Coming (not winter)



Welcome Back

Tuesday starts the return of the Iron Banner (adventures of Bootysweat). Last Iron Banner we had a great group of people committed to having fun. We had a blast the last time this event was up and are really looking forward to getting together and playing some 6 Vs. 6 fun. Feel free to jump in anytime, start up a party and invite all your Strats friends. Getting to Iron Banner level 5 will give you the opportunity to buy 2 etheric light, which lets you level up your old crappy guns. Just think you could have fun and get back into Destiny at the same time.

Destiny Iron Banner is back!
Destiny Iron Banner is back!
Destiny Iron Banner is back!

polishes Thorn


Polishes Hawkmoon Vigorously


so should we form a team and times to try and get together? to dominate!


If anyone wants to invite me or join me this week, I’ll be practicing my Cruible skills. I’ll start a party “Strats Banana” lol.


Classy. I like it.


This made my day! And the return of Iron Banner is pretty cool too.


Wooo Iron Banner. Time to pad my stats! :smiley:


I just maxed my Thorn, so I’m ready to dominate! (but probably not)


My goal is two hours of Iron Banner each day. Just used the app to load out my character. I hope they put Firebase Delphi and Blind Watch back in rotation. Iron Banner HYPE!



Oh my sweet Lord @BarryBillericay that is beautiful…


Soooo. I made the stupidest decision ever. I used the glitch to get my 2 etheric light… on my warlock. I should have used the glitch on my least favourite character, not my most used one. Uuugggghhhhh. So not fun.


Lol good job aicxe.

It sounds like there are some issues with IB this time around. Players are getting booted left and right, they’re not getting rewards for wins, etc.

I’m at work so I can’t confirm, but just a heads up.


I can attest to this. I lost one round. No medallion. I was like, “Hey no biggie, maybe I’ll get rep next match.” I won the next round. No rep ever. My tempering buff is ticking! :frowning:

There’s already a storm brewing about this on the Reddit


Watch out with the buff. I saw one guy reported he got booted on his first match and lost his buff and he can no longer rebuy it.


Well sheeiiitt. That’s kinda disappointing.


Might do some weeklies and nightfalls first, see if they fix it.


Bungie just tweeted that they know about it. Hope it gets fixed by 8pm CST when I get on.


Glitch? I am intrigued and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


Every IB your rank gets reset to 0. If you’re logged in prior to 10am PST /1 pm EST on Tuesday when IB is starting, you’ll retain your rank until you log out and back in. I believe you can just sit in orbit for this to work.

What @Aicxe had occur was that he was already rank 5 IB rep from last week, so he sat in orbit during the IB roll out, once it was live, he went to the tower walked up to Lord Salad and bought all the gear and items for that character. He could only do it with the one character as switching out to his other character and logging in would wipe the rank out for that character.