Iron Banner: January 13-19th

While reading the weekly Bungie update, I noticed that the next Iron Banner is scheduled for 1/13-1/19. Anyone else pumped? Its doesn’t get a lot of love in the forums, but I’m a fan of IB. Heres to hoping that our previous level carries over.

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I was excited about the first one, but I needed the gear. I have some exotic bounties to do, so I will play. Levels don’t carry over though.

Iron Banner needs a reboot. It is now happening far too often with really no reason to do it. They need a new map or new type of game to entice me at this point. Or here is an idea how about a new faction with a new pvp game and new guns? Bungie is lazy with this one and just rehashing the same thing every month…lame

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I bet you they will make exotic drop rates pretty high (relative) for the IB w/o telling anyone.

I got Suros from the first IB (anecdotal, yes, but what else do we have to go off of w/ RNG???)

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Iron Banner*
Starts 1AM PST, Tuesday, January 13th

Playlist weapon drops

  • Level 32 Sniper Rifle
  • Level 32 Auto Rifle

Gain event standing to earn Legendary gear

  • Level 32 Hand Cannon
  • Level 32 Rocket Launcher
  • Level 32 Gauntlets
  • Level 31 Chest (FINALLY!)

I might want those gauntlets. Thanks for the info!