Iron Banner Population

Here are some people that expressed interest in doing some Iron Banner. Let’s get this going all week, so we can get those wins and get that rep up!

@wxqie ??

Anyone else down? Let’s propose a time to do this. I’ll start by saying around 9CST.

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Yep, I’m down. Haven’t tried it, but plan on being around a bit tonight, but it’ll be later… like… 12/1am CST late.

im usually up that late, but we’ll see. can definitely do the weekend as well if that’s a better time for you

It’s thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada land, but that aside, late Saturday night and all day Sunday basically would be good for me. I also want to plan a Raid sometime this week as a note, but would probably be looking for sometime Sunday for that.

Edit: Going to create a thread for that.

I didn’t realize you would only get rep for winning … that’s hardcore. I both like and dislike it. Almost all rando groups I was in was a losing team.

I’ll be on around 6:30pm EST tonight to do some.

I’ll be on around 11PST and I’m super stoked to do some with you guys. Save a spot for me :).

A little shameless plug from last night:

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Did some quick math in terms of Iron Banner rep:

Rank 2: 1200 Rep = 40 wins @ 30 rep/win (equipping emblem and shader)

Rank 3: 3000(?) Rep = 100 wins @ 30rep/win

Assuming each match takes 10 minutes.

Grand total of 23.3 hours if you win every single game back to back. Bounties and class item should help, but Rank 3 is looking unachievable by 10/14.

Womp, I really wanted that Rank 3 shader.

P.S. No one knows how much rep you actually need for Rank 3. Many assume it’s 3000. Might be 1500 which would be nice.

I suspect this will come around periodically, the same way I expect the Queen will have more stuff she needs done (pretty high maintenance if you ask me ;)); we’ll have another go or two, I’m confident.

You were killing it last night, sir!

I assume its going to be around 2000 - 2500 as thats what the cryptarch/vanguard are, but thats purely speculation of course

I’m on anyone want to do this?

We did it pretty late (11 CST), but I didn’t have you on my friends list. My bad, I’ll add you guys today. I’ll be down to do some iron banner after we either clear hard mode, or get fed up with it.

PSA: Rank 3 is 2400 rep

I’m in. IGN: Tourmalet. I could do 9CST.