Iron Banner Video Thread (Cut Off 12/5/14)

Iron Banner Videos

Did you do something cool in the Iron Banner this week? We want to know. Anyone can export their videos from there PS4 by following this post. XBones can record as well by using similar methods. We are looking to make your fails, triumphs, and pub stomps into videos. Just follow those directions and submit a link to this thread. I know you did something cool :wink:

I’ll start with a great moment I had this week. I had perfect game with Guardians form Strats. I went 15-0 and we won :wink:.

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forgot i was in this game :smiley:

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JK, I was thinking about Digitull’s perfect game where I thought it was you :confused: I’m clearly not in this one haha

II know someone has some videos.

Can’t upload thru my phone, tried earlier to upload a pic of a 4.0 k/d game and it wouldn’t work, I need a damn computer tear

You can use your ps4 and upload it directly to YouTube. We can get it from there if that works for you.

I can’t believe I didn’t see this thread somehow. Going to check out that video @Dynamible

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What did you think @vocino? I told @DrizztDo_Urden69 to post his straight to YouTube to avoid the computer thing.

What computer thing?

He doesn’t have one at the moment so he can’t use the drop box right now. You can post straight to YouTube from the ps4 though.

Ah ok.