Is anyone as geeked about this as I am?


Roller Coaster Tycoon World! Omg yes!

Edit: Apparently new release is in December 2015


Absolutely! I don’t know why RollerCoaster Tycoon is so fun to play. Seriously, what is it? I have a special place in my heart for that game.

On RCT World, I’m excited but there was talk about map size issues similar to Sim City’s release. I hope it’s as crazy and open as the classic.


God I hope so. It needs to be not limited, you could have city sized them parks!


Dude you could have city sized roller coasters!


There goes more of @Droul money


Oh man… so many hours of my life lost in this game…


I’d preorder the deluxe edition if it let you build it so it crashed into a wall and the game physics showed all the people flying out of it. Is that wrong?


Is there any other way to play RCT?


O.M.G take my money now…


Well I’m not sure if it’s wrong or not, but you can build them to crash soooooooo


I absolutely loved the Rollercoaster Tycoon games growing up and I’m thrilled they are making a new one, but I’m also worried since it is Atari (and they are awful now, even though they are just publishing this) and that it is AAA price $60. It really seems like it would fit more comfortably in the Cities: Skylines kind of price range $20-$40, but it is hard to judge on the tiny bit of info we’ve seen on the game so far. Nevertheless, I am excited!


Also, they livestreamed this at PAX and showed off a bit of gameplay:


I like how the safety rating shows the chances of things going wrong. It looks like you could set up two roller coasters mirroring one another to collide at a certain point, but you’d have to launch them both at exactly the same time.


I’m really hoping that’s an achievement…