Is anyone playing Battlerite?



I’m interested if anyone has tried Battlerite yet. I played it’s predecessor, Bloodline Champions, and enjoyed the game. However, the game didn’t have much of a following in North America. It was more popular in Europe, likely because the devleoper, Stunlock Studios, is based in Sweden and BLC was also backed by Funcom.

Battlerite is heavily influenced by BLC. It’s a MOBA/Team-Arena Brawler closely resembling Thunderdome - Two teams enter, one team leaves. There are no lanes, or buying items, or killing creep. You roll into the arena with your team and fight to the death.

Character abilities are mostly cooldown-based but you do have a few specials that require you to build up energy in order to use. I do believe every attack and ability must be targeted.

The game just entered Early Access on Steam on Sept 20. Right now it has a 95% positive rating with almost 5,000 reviews. It seems to have a decent following on Twitch so far. I wish BLC would have had support like this.

The game will be free-to-play in early 2017. Similar to the SMITE God Pack, the Early Access deal is to pay $20 to receive all current and future champions.

I am considering making the EA purchase and playing this game. Has anyone else bought-in already?


I really want to play this, this and cloud pirates


Definitely looks like a decent title, but I’m going to guess that you’d need a solid teammate to make anything work?


I’m sure it’s like any other online competitive game: If you’re playing casually then anything should work but to be truly competitive then you will need that solid teammate.


Title does seem perfect for a Strats tourney.


That might be something to look into once it’s f2p next year.


I’m not playing it personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game (mostly the user reviews on Steam). I’ve played Bloodline Champions for some time and I felt it captured the GW1 arena vibe that was missing in so many other PvP games. I wish they’d do a massively multiplayer version of Battlerite, then I’d likely be interested in purchasing it. ^^


I’ve tried it, and from the perspective of someone who enjoys MOBAs it’s ok. I much prefer league but if you have a good pool of friends either on the forums or outside of the forums to play with you it might be worth picking up but at least for me I rarely play as I much prefer League and Overwatch for online games as more of my friends play that more regularly.


I played some of it, really enjoy the short games and focus on mechanics rather than year long matches and lane strategy


I’m not sure it’s meant to be compared to a MOBA in the traditional sense. It’s not competing with League, DotA, or Smite because it doesn’t have lanes and minions.

That’s my opinion, though.


To be fair it is a multiplayer online battle arena, but I agree its most likely not going after the same player base but has similar enough mechanics such as loot boxes like Overwatch and skills leveling similar to Heroes of the Storm which is enough in my mind to make some comparisons to those games. But again semantics.