Is ESO dead to this group?


I had 169 looks at the post on Vet grinding spots, and 49 on how many hours people have in ESO with no replies. Every time I go online, I see no one from the guild roster as online. Has everyone quit? My 5th character is now in the top 10 in level.


Well, this isn’t a guild. The question is “Do people at Strats still play ESO?”

That, I do not know. For me, I haven’t signed in for a long time. Just haven’t been interested. My gaming time is limited and other games have occupied me.

I think it still could be a guild powered by this community but it needs a leader. Is that you?


I can’t really say what times I am on. I just find time whenever I can, but can’t say “Let’s all meet on Friday’s at 9 pm EST”. It’s just that I can’t remember the last time I checked the roster ingame and saw anyone else online. Haven’t seen @Masivemurder in quite a while, and we are two of the three Vet14 players. They still have quest phasing, so in PvE, there are Group Dungeons and Dolmens, assuming there are people wihin the 5 level range to actually get XP from it, and PvP is not going to go well for non Vet characters. It boosts the stats to about the same level, but non Vets have no Champion Points, and the gear is far, far below what a Vet14 has. I would bet that my Vet 14 Sorcerer’s light armor gives more protection than a level 20 would have in all heavy armor.


I had similar issues when I was on ESO regarding being the only one online. I still love ESO but I think a lot of people are pursuing other games right now with the hype for Albion and Heroes of the Storm this summer. I am sure I’ll be back to it at some point to get to Vet status. :smile:


I’ll keep going with my AD Nightblade until they hit Vet level, then will probably start an AD Templar just so I have one of each class in the AD.


You’re a machine man!

Are they still planning on doing away with the VRs at some point?


I just recently got ESO on the ps4, and I’m loving it. Taking up my time for the next few months until Fallout 4 comes out! But I’m definitely stuck on ESO


They have not said anything different, so VR should be going away at some point. But, it makes you wonder why they left it in for consoles just to take it away later. If it stayed, I’d actually be better off.


Yeah, I actually didn’t even think about that on the console version.
They were probably just running out of time, they had already pushed the console release back.


There was a lot of screaming on their Facebook page when they pushed the console release date back, so you may be on to something. I’ll be sad to see all that high level equipment get morphed into lesser, but they said that was going to happen. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.


I lurk Strats a lot without posting. So you won’t see me much, but i’m here. I only really post if i have something really cool i can add. The reason I haven’t been on ESO in quite some time is that after playing an average of 2 or 3 binges per week, for a year, i got burnt the hell out. Maybe i’ll come back some time, but as for now i’ve done pretty much all i want to in ESO.

Maybe we could get a big group together to PvP like the good ol’ days. Aside from that I don’t have much I want to do in ESO.


My Vet10 Dragonknight is probably ready for PvP as he has completely maxed 2 Handed, Sword and Board, Bow, all racial skills, just about every passive, has 200+ champion points, and has Dual Wield, Destruction Staff, and Restoration Staff nearly maxed. If I get him to Vet11 and make a new set of purple (with some gold on chest and legs) weapons/armor, he should be a threat. If we got all 3 Vet 14s in the guild together along with anyone else we could drag in, I imagine we could storm some castles.