Is it possible for AnkhBot to execute whispered commands?



I’d like to set up AnkhBot to execute whispered commands, SFX commands to be more specific. Is it possible? if so, how?


@ThatDoomThough might know; pinging him so he’ll see this.


So the up to date AnkhBot R2 can execute custom commands through whispers.

If you want the command to be executed from your chat all you need to do is add "/w $user [message]"
If you want the command to be executed through whispering the bot there is a drop down selection “USAGE” just select “Twitch Whisper” and in the response have what you want it to say.

As far as SFX goes I’m not too sure how or if this could be done.

EDIT: If I remember correctly having the bot whisper you without you whispering it first won’t work so doing the first example wouldn’t work until the user messaged the bot THEN ran the command in chat. (Unless Twitch fixed this issue)