Is it worth buying a PS4 just for Destiny?

I’ve a high-end PC, and a PS3 already. So is this game good enough, to warrant the purchase of a PS4?

I personally don’t get a whole lot of time to play, and I’m afraid I’ll end up buying a PS4 and Destiny, and then I’ll regret it a couple of weeks later. I’m going to buy a used PS4 on the cheap, but it still seems like I’m spending a lot on something I may not end up playing a whole lot.

Is it too early to tell if this game is really that great, or is all the hype really true?

I’m sure I’ll end up buying a couple more games for the PS4 eventually, its just most games I buy are on PC, because I really truly like PC games better.

I’ll be very thankful for everyone’s opinion on this.


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If your budget allows for it, absolutely. Its a great mix of mass effect, diablo, borderlands, halo. Lots of film influences in level design, aliens, stargate, etc.

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I’m in your boat man.

Just built my gaming rig and don’t really want to drop another $500 on a new system. Not to mention, all I’d want the PS4 for any ways would be to play FF15 and Destiny. That being said, rumors are a float saying both of those titles could be ported to PC sometime 2015. So I don’t know man, I think I might be just as torn as you. :pensive:

If Destiny was the only PS4 game I would probably say no, not worth it. It’s not a $600 game.

There are a lot of great games out now though. They look stunning on the PS4 as well.

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The Last of Us: Remastered


Seriously though, unless there are other titles you want to play in the future or have current interest in, don’t force the purchase. I love the console, but I don’t know that’d I’d get it just for Destiny.

Also, it’s a $400 console people; not $500 (@Wheatums) or $600 (@Vocino) At worst, it’s $460 + tax if you count the cost of Destiny (but think of all the money you could earn Strats if you bought it through our Amazon link ;))

At $400 it’s worth it heh

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Well I think i’ve finally decided its not worth it. Kinda sad I know, but I just don’t get enough time to play to justify a new game system right now. I barely get enough time to play the ps3 and PC I have now. I think I will get Destiny for the PS3, so I can try this great new game, and if I get a PS4 in the next few months I will get to play it on the new system, or I just may wait until they release it on PC.

Hopefully a couple ppl on Strats will be in a similar situation (e.g. Wheatums) and I can play with some of my great guild members.

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I’m right there with you, not enough on consoles to justify spending 400+ on a game + low scale PC.

There were a few games for PS3 that I owned and played a bit but now that I have a decent setting of games on PC and 'Steam In-Home Streaming" has been released I see no reason to even pay for a console.

I’m not a PC elitist by any means. I just want things to have worth and a gaming machine that gets a few “exclusives” that I can eventually play through emulation isn’t all that big of a deal post PS"I bought you for the Blu-ray"3.

So GuardianX are you getting Destiny on your PS3? I started the download before I left for work, and hopefully will get to play this evening.

I’m primarily a PC gamer, haven’t played console in years. I bought the PS4 Destiny bundle just to play Destiny, and I have no regrets.



Awesome Wayward, I’m glad it worked out for you. I guess once I play the PS3 version, and if I fall in love with the game, I might change my mind, but just decided to give it a shot before I bought a console just for one game.

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@Wheatums looks like it’s your move. :wink:

Guess I’m buying a new game this weekend!



I say go with one of these gold ones from Dubai for $13,000:

You got one of those as well? I have the Gold PS4 for my master bedroom, spare bedroom, living room, great room, and the kitchen. Well worth the $70k or so in my opinion.

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That’s a bargain at twice the price!

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I would say no, and wait a year. The game is extremely bare-bones and lacks any real content except for the Vault of Glass raid, but it’s very difficult to get a consistent group going all the way through it. See what the game looks like after the first expansion. I can tell you right now that Bungie already said that it will mostly be content that already exists, i.e., “new” missions and strikes on the same old maps. Which is fine to a certain extent. It’s no so much the repeating areas, it’s the lack of different things to do, and the very short campaign. However, from an “mmo’ish” standpoint, that is pretty much how they all are with the core game. It really takes years for a game like that to be built up, and refined enough to have good replay value.

The PvP is pretty damn fun though, and if you enjoy FPS games with a mouse and keyboard, I would recommend a CronusMAX so you can use them on the ps4 or xboxone. But yeah, I would not jump the gun, and just wait for when the expansion has been out for a couple of weeks, or a month.

Are you in the Strats clan? There are actually more people signed up that want to do it than there are slots. We could make a new team. One team already cleared it. Maybe twice?

Yes that is very true, then though part is getting the same people to continue the raid, which is why only one group has finished it. The raid is actually quite easy if most of the team carries over to continue it. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, I haven’t finished adding all the members to my friends list yet.