Is the 365-Day HOTS xp boost worth it?


Or is XP utterly worthless? You get a gold boost as well though. I guess the point is just to level up heroes so you can apply skins and whatnot?


How much does that thing cost?

You need a hero at level 5 in order to use it in ranked games. I believe the other requirement is that you own a minimum of 14 heroes.

In addition, you get bonus gold for getting each hero to level 5.

I guess I would weigh it versus how much you intend to play within that year’s time. I play rather sporadically so I don’t think the benefit would be there for me. But I also have most of the heroes above level 5 already. If I really wanted to level one up quickly I would just buy one of the short-duration boosts and binge on the game for a couple days.


Great info @teh_ninjaneer. I’m not at my computer so can’t tell you how much it is. I saw it in passing as I was buying the “welcome back” pack this morning.


it’s only worth it if you’re hard core