Is there a benefit to having private island?



I’ve been considering the purchase of a private island in Albion Online. I would start up my own chicken and tater farm.

I’m wondering if there would be any benefit to doing this? Are there any buildings/services that could be performed on individual players’ private islands so that there’s more room on the guild island for other things? Or is there already plenty of room on the guild island for everything we would need?


We definitely need more room, we have all the crafting necesseties but if we could move one off of there we could have a house so that we can get a guild chest going for people to drop mats in and crafters to grab and make stuff with. The private island is definitely worth it and gives more room so that you can farm your own items and is less clutter for the guild farms and makes it easier for us to focus on growing certain things. Honestly everybody should have their own Island in the next week or so.


A Guild chest would be SO helpful


Legit! I just posted elsewhere about how I have no interest in having an inventory of materials…I want to give all my materials away and either have a chest with gear that I can take out (maybe for every X iron/leather one piece of armor can be taken out…)

A chest would help crafters have access to lots of resources they could use to power level! With the limit to crafting ability we should be striving for them to be completely depleted at the end of the day.


Yes we definitely need a guild chest.
Only drawback to private island is I think max building is T5 as opposed to T6 on Guild island. I think max tier is 8 on territory out in the world


yeah that’s true.


Yeah but we are going to need T5-6 stuff to hold on to a territory so we can even build T8!


Ok so when we get back in i’m gonna make a Private Island and open it up to the guild and we’re gonna build the guild hall in it. this will give us access to 10 chests.


Since the time I made this post early yesterday I’ve been considering for what purpose could a private/personal island serve? So I worked up the cash to buy one and today I have placed a few buildings and have been working up the resources to get them built and operational.

After looking over the list of buildings, I discovered that there are exactly enough plots on a private island to place all of the buildings under the Farm tab as well as placing a house. So I have done exactly that. I’m currently raising some corn and chicks (gotta get them guys fed!) and also working to get my house and cook finished.

My working theory is that a private island could be used by individuals as a farm, raising crops and livestock necessary to maintain the other buildings on the guild island and eventually a territory. I’m not sure how high buildings such as cook and alchemy can be upgraded; it looks like food and potions only go up to Tier 5 or 6 right now. If that’s the case, I’m wondering if all of these items could be crafted on the island.


I am gonna do this after maintenance.