Is there a way to choose past-completed missions in MGS5?



I’d like to be able to replay a specific mission that I’ve already completed. Can I do that or do I need to complete the story arc first?

Followup question, if I complete it, do I have to do another linear playthrough or can I choose missions at that point?


You can replay any Main Mission and Side Mission at any time. Just simply choose and click it again and you’ll be all set.

If you complete a mission that was in the past, you will not have to redo another playthrough but will continue your current playthrough.


Choose what? Am I missing something? I only see Continue, Download Save Data, and Options. I don’t see anything in options.


Download Save Data I believe is for Ground Zero…so you’re probably on the Main Menu. So yes, you’d click Continue.


Right but then I’m continuing where I left off which doesn’t really answer my question. Where do I go to reply an old mission?


Open up your iDroid and there will be three tabs, one of them will have a Mission List that will contain both Side-Ops and Main Story missions.


Ah, I must not be far enough along then. Thanks for the info!


Yeah I wondered that as well when I first started. At your stage of the game, you haven’t unlocked the ability to play old missions. You will very soon, though.

Edit - This is a good time to point out that replaying old missions is almost required if you want 100% unless you “cheat” by looking up mission objectives on the interweb. Extra objectives are hidden until you complete the mission once (or accidentally discover them during play) so unless you are very lucky you won’t stumble upon them all during your first play through of the map.


I was disappointed to learn I can’t continue my game on another PS4. You’d think everything would be cloud saves now.


I think you can continue. You just need a USB and transfer your saved data over to that and then move it to another ps4. I know I did that to my ps3 when the blue-ray reader was about to die and I was in need of a repair, which apparently they needed to wipe my system as well??? Eh in any case there are methods.


Actually, I found that there’s a really great “save to cloud” feature. Then I just do “download from” in the living room.

Granted, I wish I could just set it to sync automatically.


They recently increased the storage capacity of it too for PS+ users as well :wink:


It works great for the 2 PS4 use case! Really needs an “always sync” checkbox.