Is there a way to link previous purchased game to Steam?

I purchased the game on release directly from Bethesda and played for a month or 2 before kinda moving on. I recently reinstalled (thanks to tweets by @Laughter and upcoming f2p) but I have not resubbed yet. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to wait for the f2p, which is next month.

but in the mean time, is there a way to get a steam code from Bethesda so that I can install through steam? not sure how this works.

btw, i keep saying bethesda, but it’s Zenimax i guess. you all know what i meant! :grin:

I think your only option is to add TESO as a non-Steam game in your library. To actually have a Steam code and play TESO has a full Steam game would require you to purchase the game again thru Steam and set up a new account.

ack, that’s weak. oh well, thanks. I know some games are able to be added via a steam code…i guess this isn’t one of them.

Why exactly do you want to install thru Steam?

just for tracking time played, achievements, etc. also for screen/video capture with the built-in steam controls. it’s not really a big deal, just was curious.

I don’t think there are any Steam achievements, if that helps at all.