Is there anyone still in the guild?



I left strats a few months ago and since then have gone from one guild to another and haven’t been able to find the right place in any of them and as a former member of the guild and one that still avidly plays the game I would like to try and take over the guild and try to restore it if there is no one that objects with it who ever is the guild lead or in the guild at the moment please reply to this and let me know


As far as I know the only activity has been from whoever ashing about 2 weeks ago if there was a guild and then you today giving more detail. I don’t even know if the people who control the guild currently sit in strats or have contact anymore.


I believe that I had the GM passed on to me for safe keeping. I’ll have to re-install the game to be sure. I would love to see something happen with AA again. I’m intrested in having a conversation @Zeark about what reforming the Strats AA guild would look like.


well I would like to try and get the guild up and running agian I already have a few people that i know that would join it and help with the rebuilding of it. I would like to try and breath new life into the guild the main reason the guild feel apart last time was the lack of direction we were stuck in a spot of only wanting to do fishing, farming, and trade runs to safe places, and me being the only one in the guild who got a merchent ship mostly by my self but with the help of a few it made it very clear to me were the guild was going. sense I left i have procured plenty of land in solzreed including a Chalet which is one of the bigest buildings in the game that you can get its 3rd on the list after the castels and the mansion. First I want to get new members maybe have a big recruting and try and get some of the old members back i still talk to afew of them often. second i want to instate a set list of activitys every week that would range from trade runs to GHA, Hasla, and maybe even get some galions set up to get to go on kracken runs, Also Aroria would be somthing to do. there is plenty of stuff to do in the game we just have to go and do it.


I sounds like you have a good game plan. Is there a time we could get together in Mumble? I would like to discuss someways to encourage continuity between the game and forums.


I can soon I’ll be home in a few minets


I’ll be on after 9pm EST send me a PM if you are around.


I will be around for the rest of the day I am done with classes for the day and am just relaxing


Hey I will be free over the whole weekend there was some internet problems over the last few days but got it all sorted out but I can get in mumble anytime over the weekend so when ever u want to talk just let me know


Great, I’ll look you up. I did send you a Guild invite the other day.


Ahh I may have been afk I stayed loged in pretty much all day to get labor faster to be able to do more


hey i will be in the mumble all day today when ever u want to talk