Is This an okay Build for Streaming?



Have added the Build i’m making- Have got everything on there except the CPU, Motherboard and RAM and i have the other parts that are missing.
I just need to be able too Stream / do Youtube and Game, I don’t require a Monster Gaming pc Haha just something worth It that i wont need to upgrade in a few months time!

Any feedback Greatly appreciated ^^

ZalantiusTv x
Thank you : ) I cant reply to any more posts now as have replied too much so need to wait 20hours Haha Would you say this one is much better then?

Intel Core i7 i7-4790K CPU

My budget is up to £290 ($408)

x Thank You :smile:


I’m definitely more of an Intel buff (so I may not be 100% on point) but that processor looks to be about the same as an i5 (the benchmarks I glanced through put it slightly below in most categories). This is a strong consideration when talking about stream quality if you’re going to be playing AAA games and streaming simultaneously from the same computer. It’s not impossible, but you’re going to have to sacrifice quality somewhere (either on stream or on the games’ graphics) in order to be successful, I suspect. Generally speaking, if you want to stream at a high bitrate/quality and game from the same rig, i5 is the minimum viable solution; an i7 (or AMD equivalent) is definitely preferred. For indie or not-hyper-realistic graphics, however, it might be just fine.

Another workaround is having enough GPU power to handle the steam encoding, but that takes a pretty haus graphics solution to do well, from what I’ve seen (and I personally prefer the quality of CPU-driven h.264 over any of the GPU options I’ve seen out there by far).

Someone correct me if I’m wrong :wink:


Your old build looks exactly like what I have. You added a better graphics card though. I love my FX- 8350. The price is amazing.


I have an i7 4770k and have 0 issues playing just about anything I want and streaming simultaneously :wink:


Ditto on the intel cpu. It’s more $ but you get what you pay for.


What a shocker. The Intel employee is pro Intel…


The i7-4790k is WAYYYY better than any AMD CPU. It costs a ton more too. Dollar for dollar, AMD CPUs perform about the same as Intel ones, the problem is that the top AMD CPU performs (and is priced) about the same as a mid-range Intel one, so if you want a top-of-the-line CPU, Intel is your only choice.

I would recommend getting an Intel i5 CPU; Not because it’s better than an AMD of the same price, but because if you end up saving more money and want an upgrade there’s room to upgrade to something like an i7 without also having to get a new Motherboard with a new socket.

Also, the reason I think you should get an i5 over an i7 is, based on your computer specs, it would serve you better to put that money towards a more powerful GPU. Video encoding is MUCH easier for a GPU than a CPU, so basically you will get better performance for the same amount of $$. (Very tired. Will explain better later if needed)

I can’t speak for certain about which is better for streaming, but I was testing encoding video with a GPU vs a CPU a while back. Same file, same bitrate. Encoded twice, once with CPU and once with GPU. I couldn’t tell the difference, and I’m pretty picky about quality. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see if there’s some reason that this wouldn’t apply to streaming.

Sorry most of this sounds like nonsense. I’m very tired. Hopefully I helped at least a little. Will post more tomorrow.


Awesome :smiley: Thank you guys :slight_smile: I think ive finally found a quality build that im going to go with

Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor
Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
and 2 x Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 2GB OC Edition Video Card
and Water cooling :smile:
Thank you all so much for The help, now all thats left to do is buy all the bits and build it :smiley: Ill be sure to Upload some pictures once its all built x


I had sent you a link to a build I set up for you on discord but you probably haven’t been on
You spend $20 extra and you can get a hybrid hard drive and a 960 with 4Gb of ram. It’s different monitors though
Trust me you’ll want the extra vram
This is an altered version of what you had on discord btw.


Those are micro gpus. They’re meant for micro/mini atx pc cases and get throttled once they reach a certain temperature. If you could find some 4gb gtx950s that would work but idk if they make that.


Thank you :smiley: Will deffinately have a look at that x problem is i already have the GPU as it was a present haha it says its compatible but Urgh i dont know now :smiley: might just buy the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 4GB Video Card then and sell the other one x


IMO what you’re lacking right now is GPU power. I’d recommend that you get an i5, less expensive motherboard, sell your current GPU, and an AMD R9 390 (has 8GB VRAM). You’ll be able to run games on much higher settings, and get much better framerates even when streaming/recording.


Okay what if i keep the build but just change the GPU? Like so

god why cant all this stuff just be simple! Haha


Hey… If you can fit both in your budget then great. That’ll be an excellent PC for streaming.


awesome :slight_smile: Yeah i can, will buy that then!! :smiley: Thank You <3 x


Very nice, good job that R9 is pretty sweet. Ooo you’re even getting the hybrid hdd and the power supply I recommended. Nice hybrid drive have come a long way from what they were and that semi modular (or full modular psu I forgot) is very nice for cable management purpose and will make it look clean


Fuck it, go AMD. #amd4life


Thanks :smiley: Yeah its going to be such a good Pc! putting my GPU up for sale now so i can buy the new one,

Honestly now i just cant wait to get set up and start playing again haha, and its going to be wierd to have a really good pc for the first time in my life Haha


It’s both a blessing and a curse. Soon you will have an unsatisfiable desire fore better and better computer components… Just ask @ducksauce88. lol.


Yup that R9 is pretty beastly even if it didn’t have 8gb vram