Is this chair any good?


Hey folks,

since my old chair more or less died after ages of trustfull service I need a new one. Since you all hyped the dxracer in one of Bradum’s threads a couple months back I wonder if this actually one of those or not ^^

I am asking because I can’t find out which model it really is, except that it is supposed to be part of the F-Series.

Some general input or your experience with gaming chairs would be appreciated too.

Thanks :wink:


From anyone that I’ve seen try both… It’s been “DX Racer is garbage, Maxnomic is amazing.”


Which one are you using ?


I translated the page and even tried comparing model and ASIN numbers but I can’t tell exactly which chair this is. Maybe DX Racer1 is a name used only in Europe.

I own a DX Racer King series. I’ve had it for about 1.5 years and I think it is great. I guess the longest amount of time I have sat in it is 2 hours but I use it many times during the day. The King chair has held up myself and my 4 year old son in my lap (about 280 lbs [~130kg?] total).

I have no experience with the Maxnomic brand but I am very pleased with DX Racer.


Also cannot confirm if that is the F-Series. I own this one DXRacer NR, I like it for the most part, the only “issue” i have is my frame is larger than the recommended, so at times i feel cramped in it. Typically i can sit 4-8hrs without series issues.

Not sure what that Racer1 model is, i dont know for sure if DX makes cloth based chairs. Maybe check their official site?


I’m using generic office chair from CostCo…

After shipping, tax, and currency conversion… The Maxnomic chairs are just too expensive to get here… It would be over $800 CAD for me to get one.

Think I linked you to the wrong page… I believe the company is based out of Germany…


I have been checking out maxnomic chairs…they use them in the dota 2 international so it has to be the best :stuck_out_tongue:


@BillyTheGuardian has one:

I’ve heard good things but they don’t seem all that comfortable for long periods. I sat in one at TwitchCon and it was ok for a few moments. Not much of a test drive.


Ditto - in fact, just replaced my old run-down one with a generic Costco special last week.

Like my wife would let me spend that type of coin on a chair…


I don’t know how availability is on that side of the ocean, but the best chair that my butt has ever graced is the Steelcase Leap. It’s a high-end office chair that retails for over $1k USD new. “But heretic, that’s 10x more than I want to spend!” Luckily, they can be found used from around $200 USD. I manged to buy two from my wife’s office when they were remodeling… for $20 a pop. If you can find a used office furniture dealer in your area, it might be worth a little digging to find one of these, or one from a competitor, and get something made for ergonomics and long sessions of sitting, rather than picking up something marketed to l337 g4m3rz.


C’mon guys, DX Racer chairs do not make you a better gamer… use a lawn chair.


It’s about the comfort. DX Racer ships a rather comfortable chair (much better than the office chairs I’ve used in previous years) and one could argue that comfort somehow indirectly relates to your gaming ability.


It was sarcasm but at the same token, surely there are other chairs out there that are just as comfortable that you don’t have to see on every camera on live streams. I know my chair is pretty comfortable and I’m not trying to be an armchair athlete.


This is the chair we use at my office:

It’s probably the best desk chair I’ve ever sat in.

Though, it ain’t cheap:


C’mon bruh…we’ve all seen you play rocket league…:pensive:; maybe its time to invest in a better chair :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If we’re going off of Rocket League, it seems the DX Racers make you worse at the game… :open_mouth:

And on the PS4 matches we’ve played, that was from my new couch… :smiley:


I’ve now got a Mirra 2 in white. The adjustability of the arm rests makes it great for both regular computer work and gaming with a controller. When I’m working, the rests are pulled in as far as they go and tilted inward, and when gaming they’re tilted straight ahead and pushed out as wide as they go. No idea how much they cost, though. My employer sent it to me.


If there’s one thing I miss about my previous employer - aside from the friends I left behind - it’s those damn chairs. So comfortable.


Thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:

I guess I will go with Maxnomic for this one ^^ (Totes not because they are from germany … ok … right)

@Vocino @lyteforce Your chairs actually looked pretty awsome, but they are also freakin damm expensive

I actually found out that my old chair was from Sitag a swiss brand :joy: