Is this GTA 6? RAW - Kickstarter Trailer 2019

Funny, popped up yesterday in a video I was watching:

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I’ve seen some other articles since saying it’s likely a scam. Not sure “scam” is the right word. It may be a scam like Star Citizen is a scam. That is, it’s very ambitious and likely never to deliver.

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Those were my thoughts exactly. While it would be cool, it seems overly ambitious and I highly doubt their ability to deliver on it.

I mean, it’s not like no one has ever had the idea “it would be cool to make a game where you could do anything”. There’s a reason that doesn’t exist, and it’s because no one has found a feasible way to make it. Unless in the kickstarter I see valid reasoning as to why they believe they can accomplish something that companies with tens of millions in funding can’t, I have zero faith.

One thing that scares is me their Kickstarter campaign is 100% marketing budget. They even say in the description that the next step is to launch an IndieGoGo campaign. Next will be Fig, and on and on.

Their goal was only $80k and they’ve raised $180,000 so far. Yes, they crushed their goal but what would that buy? Nothing. Even if they spent 100% of the budget on actual core development, that would pay for one engineer for almost a year, much less if you include overhead (insurance, desk, infra, etc).

When you read that the budget of some AAA titles is in the millions, it is even more. That’s a $5 million budget with a complete business at EA already set up and running, for example.

This startup would need A LOT of money.

Just quickly google’d the budget for Mass Effect Andromeda. It was over $100 million. GTA V was $285 million. If you’re an indie company you can go a bit further with less, but even if you had a solid plan for how you were going to create a game this ambitious (which it doesn’t seem like they do), you’d need at LEAST $50 million. And that would be a miracle.

Exactly. Plus you have to consider that EA and Rockstar are already set up to create such titles. They have the infrastructure. The HR, the real estate, the payroll, process, etc etc

We’re talking about going from zero to 2019-level Rockstar Games in one title.

Kickstarter shut these guys down with less than 24 hours to go.


Oh shit!


Top notch attitude there from a studio who plan to make a GTA successor


That’s an oof.

They raised $200k and they are big shots. I know this archetype well here in Silicon Valley. Sorry dude, everyone has a great idea. Yours isn’t even original. It’s just all of everyone else’s put together.


That feeble attempt at a pun/insult is enough to make me never even look at the video.

Anyone who does that un-ironically has likely never had an original thought.

Well… I mean… Look at their game…

“Guys. I had a great idea! A game where you can do ANYTHING!”


“Guys, I have a great idea! A game where you can do anything!”

Yeah! Imagine if all the studios who made GTA, Truck and Flight Simulator, The Sims, The Division, and others came together to take on something like that… insane.

“No dude, you and me can just do it ourselves.”

Cool but we will need enough money to buy 2 computers first.


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@Wayward’s .gif game is on point!