Is Wildstar worth it?

So I tried searching for this but it seems all the posts we’re pretty old, and as most of us know, MMO’s rapidly change.

So I ask, is Wildstar worth checking out? I’m always on the hunt for good MMO’s that aren’t World of Warcraft(because I’ve already given Blizz too much of my money :p) and I was looking into Wildstar but not sure if it’s really worth it.

In my opinion, as of today in its current state, I am going to say no.

Some bad design decisions were made concerning itemization that are just now being worked out, 5 months after release. Gearing can be a struggle as you fight RNG to get the exact piece you need. PvP is a mess as a side-effect of it. Also, there’s no reason to run dungeons for gear because crafted items are usually the best pre-raid (sometimes equal to early raid) stuff.

A patch is (long over-)due this month that will hopefully begin to address these issues, among others. But it may take into next year for the gear/stat problems to get fixed.

I’ll check my email; I may still have some guest passes you could use to try the game.


That would be awesome. Any other MMOs out there worth looking into? I play Archeage and just started Rift and Didn’t really care for GW2(however I did play super early on). Tera IMO was horrible, and Firefall is pretty good, albeit just boring once you get to max level.

Wildstar was my last chance at the MMO scene. I’ve actually started drifting toward the PS4.

I’ll admit that Wildstar’s combat is fun. It’s great to be constantly moving and dodging all the fancy red patterns. I actually liked aiming my heals. And it should be easier to find leveling groups now, since they recently merged all the servers into a single megaserver.

But I feel like they didn’t deliver on the things they promised. I was told there would be endgame progression for solo players and single groups. Those things were not present at release and probably won’t be added until Jan-Feb. I think one solo dungeon will be added this month. That was the big upset for me.

I’m not a big raider; I’m happy just seeing the raid once and going back to my casual funzies. I’m happy running my dailies and group dungeons over and over, as long as you make it worth my time. Unfortunately that’s just not the case for Wildstar right now.

I really love MMO’s, It’s just the constant search for the right one. I really love Archeage at least. I love the player housing, farming, and the extended parts of the game past just the leveling and grinding. You really get the feeling of getting lost in a game.

However I will admit I’m pretty sad that the population in AA seems to be dwindling. I really think the game had so much potential had they done things the right way instead of screwing things up. Like putting out a patch that breaks the game so no one can log in. I’m sure a lot of people left because of that. I was going to stream it last night and decided not to since I couldn’t log in.

I humbly ping @auth and @GuardianX to comment on this.

At work but i mirror ninja.

WildStar will be worth it when the free-to-play model comes out. @teh_ninjaneer covered most of the community’s issues pretty thoroughly: potential and promise that weren’t acted on in a timely manner combined with the cancellation of previously-planned events and the constant thinning of the staff lead me to believe it’ll have a f2p model no later than the summer and will be worth a look/revisit next fall around Halloween.


Well thanks to everyone that helped save me some money! Haha

Nail in the coffin –

The studio was hit with a pretty significant layoff, the main staff was already bailing ship before the layoff…

They rotated most of the leads on the project.

Currently they are about 2 months behind on their content patch.

Their recent “Mega server” push was really just server consolidation wrapped in a “new tech” banner. (they did make it so that they CAN scale that mega server)

The game is fun but not post WoW expansion release fun, the main reason why I say this is. The game is hard and most players cannot play to the expectation that the devs have for end game.

Context – the strats guild, if it had maintained its numbers, wouldn’t have progressed too far in the raid scene unless we actually recruited some very skilled players.

Being that said, I don’t know how much time or energy I would invest into the game post Free-to-play. The game is fun but ATM I’ve done about everything there is to do BUT the very newest story.

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You are extremely enlightened, much more than those on the Wildstar forums. You understand how the world works.

The above quote in particular. Carbine claims that this megaserver tech was planned even before launch. If that were the case, then the extreme mess they made of name reservation was pointless, much less wasting the five minutes to code “search my server only” into dungeon finder to promote server community.

Stephan Frost said he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse when he left (for Amazon, I think). If I knew my product was failing and company layoffs were a month away, pretty much any offer would be one I couldn’t refuse.

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Looks like Wildstar Uber Patch Part 1 might be coming tomorrow! Get your credit cards ready. At least they are getting it out before that Wowcraft expansion…

Of course, this only fixes 1/2 or less of the problems, with the next patch being in “January maybe” which will completely rework currencies (renown, prestige, elder gems) and add Veteran Shiphands (I actually approve of this). Then an April patch that will finally put the game where it should have been at release. Hopefully.

April. 10 months after the game launched.



Confession - I subbed to check out the changes. I stand by my assessment that the game is just not worth it right now.

Carbine delayed this new content for about 2 months to guarantee that it would be “bug free”, according to them. Over 100 pages of bug fixes for the game. Sometimes I can’t change my LAS and have to relog my character. For the first two days there was massive lag where MOB health bars would update at half health, and then again about 2 seconds after they had died.

And today they are banning people because of a housing exploit where you could gain a few hundred plat in a short amount of time. The price of CREDD jumped from 9p to 30p+ in a matter of hours. They made a forum post offering a reduced sentence for people who admit they exploited. Really they just wanted to make their job easier by not having to search the database for everyone.

The new content is a zone full of 5-man story quests and 20-man daily quests. It’s the 4th day and I struggle to form groups willing to help me complete the 5-man quests. I still can’t even find people willing to help me with the 5-man quests from July’s content update (and I was trying that a month ago).

The company is horribly mismanaged. Their PR department can’t even put a good spin on some of these problems. If it will truly take 6 more months to get this game into the state it should have been at launch, I’m afraid there won’t be much of a player base left.