Is Your Post Strats-Ready?


When it comes to posting content on Strats, it’s pretty easy - you create a topic & add some content. Yet if you take a few seconds to follow these tips when creating that epic post, you’ll find far more success at attracting a wider audience.

So ask yourself - is my post :strats_green: ready?

Opening Paragraph

In my English 100 course, my prof told me a very simple rule - when it comes to a good story, tell them what you’re going to tell them and make it count.

Your opening paragraph is the content that will make it out to the world wide web, so for those of you who wish to go viral, you want that paragraph to pop. Be concise, yet provide enough taste to get the reader to click the link for more.


One of the largest misses when it comes to the creation of solid content is the addition of a relevant image to make your post stand out from the rest. While you might be right to think the icing doesn’t make the cake, it’s the icing that catches our eye to pick that cake out of the display. And should you fail to do so, your post will be referenced in every form of social media with the default :strats_green: image:

Some of you have wicked content creation skills and photoshop in your sleep to rely on, yet those of you like me will likely look to Google Images to find the perfect visual complement. To maximize success, search the appropriate game/topic/combo and then under Tools go to Size: Large (h/t to @Vocino):

And if you happen to use multiple images in your post, the first one that appears will be the one connected on Twitter/Facebook/Discord/Everywhere so make sure to choose wisely.

Hotlinking to Content

Found an epic post from the verse & want to share it with everyone here at Strats? Well, you can easily create link-based threads:

… you can now simply paste your link in the Title field to start you off. We’ll automatically grab the title and embed your link in the body of your thread. From there, you can expand in the body of the post with your thoughts.

Formatting Toolbar

While a few of the options are straightforward enough to use, a properly formatted post can be the difference between a wall of text & pure awesomesauce.

In order of position:

Quote Whole Post

  • Use this when you can’t use the reply button, or wish to quote an entire post previously written.
  • You can also highlight the text you wish to quote & reply with quote.


  • Strong like bull.


  • Emphasis.


  • How to share the goodness. In fact, if the site you link to uses goodness, it will also include a nicely formatted bit of extra goodness.


  • A means to quote text from a different source. Or maybe just because you like the way stands out.

Preformatted Text

  • Perfect for code or that wall of ASCII art you wish to post.

Upload Image

  • Images make the world a better place.

Unordered Lists

  • Your standard bullet point list.

Ordered Lists

  1. Where your lists have order.
  2. Refer back to number 1.


  • Each of my sections within this post have an appropriate heading.

Horizontal Rule

  • I’ve got one at the end of this post.


  • :1up: :strats_green: :beers:


  • This is where you can add polls, add spoiler text or simply include details you wish to remain hidden.

If you have other thoughts on what makes a great post on Strats, please add it to the comments below!


I’m about 1000% sure my top 15 favorite songs isn’t strats ready…


No errors at all. What an excellent post.


This is a great post. Definitely the difference between a meh post and an epic one!