Isn't a parsec a unit of distance?


@Wheatums Isn’t a parsec a unit of distance, not time. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems you have used this as a unit of time.

What Star Citizen ship should I buy? (yes, this thread again!)

It is a unit of distance but @Wheatums used it correctly in the context, just as Han Solo (the quote). The Kessel Run is a shipping route with a black hole (if memory serves) between the 2 points. Making the run in the shortest distance possible while not dying from getting too close (the fewest parsecs) is where the bragging comes into play.

EDIT: Found this nifty diagram. You can see the Kessel Run is essentially a dangerous shortcut that gets you to Kessel with fewer parsecs traveled.


Good lookin out!


What is this?? An image for ants???


Yup, it proves not only that the Millennium Falcon is a beast but that he and Chewbacca are boss astrogationists :wink:


Thanks for the info @Vocino. Once again, I am wrong… After a review of what was said, it was indeed used as a unit of distance, but was slightly ambiguous as to what the unit was of. Either way, my mistake!


Dude no worries. The only reason I was quick to answer is because it’s a subject of much debate between Star Wars nerds like myself.


Well sir, thank you much for correcting me!