Issue With Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition [PS4]



This is so frustrating & I felt the need to share

I purchased the Gold Edition of Wildlands from Amazon. When I attempt to enter the Gold Edition code Tuesday morning, PSN tells me it’s not valid. Knowing that Tuesday mornings can be a bad day for codes in general on the PS Store, I try again Tuesday night - code accepted.

When it advises me of the content that is included, I notice it’s only listing the Deluxe Edition content & not Gold Edition content. A quick search of the issue online & people are suggesting it’s a known issue, though I can’t find anything official to that effect. Ensuring I keep all bases touched, I reach out to Ubisoft and file a support ticket.

They respond by telling me to contact Sony. So I reach out to Sony who confirms the code added all relevant content & direct me back to Ubisoft. This morning, I reach back out to Ubisoft who now change their tune slightly & explain with a picture of the code they will pass on to their development team to investigate. They also suggest I reach out to Amazon as they feel I was given a code for the deluxe edition and not gold - which is odd considering the code is printed directly on the card inside the box and is labeled Gold Edition.

So… just sent in a request to Amazon and now I get to wait.

Support systems are so much fun.

TL;DR - Canadian gets frustrated Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition [PS4] code doesn’t provide Season Pass content. Current stuck in support hell.


Contrarily (and unrelated), I just had the best customer support I’ve ever received. Ordered a thing off Amazon from an electronics company and the order was missing an item. Sent a message via Amazon, and had a phone call inside of 5 minutes from said company who promptly sorted it out (item is shipping this afternoon), and gave me a partial refund for the inconvenience!

Here’s hoping your situation resolves quickly(ish) and with similar success :wink:


That sucks. I’ve had nothing but great customer experience from Amazon. In fact, they just sent me new Philips Hue lights because my package was MIA. No questions asked.


Amazon has always done right by me. Any issue I’ve ever raised has generally resulted in a prompt remedy. I do have my fingers crossed they will be able to assist in this matter, though my worry is related to the possibility of having to rely on Ubisoft.


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NO! Everyone knows TL;DR goes at the bottom. What Internet are you from?!


I’m from the future where they put TL;DR at the top so people don’t have to scroll either. Sources say the trend started in the Strats forum back before it became the top rated gaming community on the internet…


I had an old kindle touch that I broke in Kuwait. Amazon sent me a new one no questions asked.

I bought my daughter a Fire table for Christmas and there was a hardware issue after 3 months. I contacted Amazon and they told me I was SOL.

I’ve had mixed experiences.