Issues with OBS stuttering at the start of a match

I’m having issues with OBS being weird at the start of HOTS matches or sometimes when there’s major action on the screen. See the start of the video below for reference.

This feels like a CPU issue (or some kind of local performance issue at least) since during my streams I always have consistently good throughput to Restream and then on to Twitch’s and Facebook’s ingestion endpoints.

This never used to happen and just started cropping up. My hardware hasn’t changed.

Any other ideas?

In Output what is your Encoder Preset set at? Anything lower that medium is probably not a great idea. Have you gone into Task Manager and bumped OBS up slightly in the priority queue or dictated which core(s) you want it running on so it doesn’t compete with other processes? Are you also watching your stream preview, or do you have it hid? I’ve had some odd issues with my stream preview up in the past, so once I’ve confirmed it’s working I usually hide it.

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I’ll try messing with the priorities both for overall OBS and the encoding. I always have the preview turned off and OBS in the system tray.

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