It is I, Dusty: The Purple Dragon King!


Hello there! I am a ‘youngster’ that really likes games and immediately fell in love with Albion Online and was drawn into this summer’s alpha. Recently I have only been playing a few console games here and there because of tests and revising but I would love to get into Albion and just have a great time. I am from Scotland but now live in Malaysia (it’s a bit hot here!).
See you all in Albion Online! :smiley:

Dusty out!


Hey Dragon! Scotland to Malaysia is an interesting move. See you in Albion Online.


Glad to have you join us. See you in game hopefully!


Welcome fella, hope to see you in game ftw!


Hey mate, welcome to the party. I think you’ll find there are several “youngsters” milling about. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


Welcome to the Strats family @PurpleDragonKing, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome PurpleDragonKing


:smiley: Thank you all for the warm welcome!


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