It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong



I am not a big man.

credit Chevy Chase, “Fletch Lives”

After years of denying my love for the Wowcraft, I finally resubbed last Saturday. I thought I was over it after buying Pandaria, reaching level 90 and turning off the game, then buying Warlords and only reaching level 91.

Turns out I’ve been denying myself the glory of the Wowcraft.

I still haven’t bought Legion yet, opting to play through the Warlords content rather than boost my character to 100. I’m actually enjoying the story of Warlords and playing through Draenor (likely because I was very active during Burning Crusade). Leveling has been quick and painless. I will be 100 later today.

I’ve been sucked back in.


Reminds me of my love / hate for Destiny, kinda.

Started playing it again after a couple weeks TTK was released. Played the new DLC, finished new Raid and done with it…


It was a good death.


I’ve already respawned.

I leveled to 100, received a nifty mount for Heroes of teh Storm, but ultimately I realized that Wowcraft is still a grind. I watched Towelliee stream for a few days and he has put in a lot of work. I don’t think I want to get back into that.

I enjoyed Warlords’ story as I leveled but the realization of having to run dungeons over and over for gear… I think I would rather play Diablo.

At least I didn’t buy Legion yet.


Wow. This is huge.


I had 9 level 100’s going into Legion. I think I have 2 level 110’s now, and a couple other alts in the 102-103 range. I can’t bear to play it anymore. The leveling content is too repetitive to do more than a couple times. And once you’re maxed out, it just becomes a massive chore to make any progress. I started to dread the obligation of having to log in, even just to pick up rewards from order hall missions. My game time ran out sometimes last week and I didn’t re-up. I haven’t even sat at my pc desk in approximately 12 days and it’s so freeing.


This is what did it for me also. The thought of having to log in and do so much work to collect artifact power. I was already spending a lot of time leveling thru Legion.

Maybe this will finally break me of my MMO desires. I would much rather play Heroes, Hearthstone or Overwatch.