It's a cover up


All this time we thought @vocino was an artificial intelligence. @auth has been covering up his identity this whole time. I have proof. We speculate that all of the Strats leadership is artificial intelligence. Further proof is needed on @tommy2118, but one more has been bagged. Here is the proof of this robot in his natural habitat.


Sooo… what does that make me?! :open_mouth:


A figment of the AI’s desire to be a real person. Just a dream within a dream, which makes it weird that we kicked your ass at the event the other night.


I always knew it! :wink:


I wish that this was a game other than minecraft because it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. But I just can’t do minecraft, I’ve tried and I just end up burning the world down.


You can do it.


This song is all wrong. I want to set the world on fire.


You couldn’t even if you wanted to; the plugins won’t allow it :wink:


B O R I N G !


:crying_cat_face: QQ moar :crying_cat_face:


@Wayward you don’t have to play on the world-server but you could join us for the events!