It's all over my fam, the end of gaming has arrived


We’ve jumped the shark.


We had a good run; Rest in Pixels, gaming.


EDIT: I really shouldn’t be so ready to jump on gatekeeping that I can’t spot a joke about it.

I don’t follow.

Drake’s a very good rapper (Views notwithstanding), and Nicki has her moments of brilliance. They both have huge fanbases. This can only bring more people into gaming-- at first via games that are either 1) the most popular game out right now, or 2) a classic series. I don’t know whether Nicki has an actual love for SF, but Drake actually enjoys Fortnite, so it’s not like he’s pandering. Even if they are pandering, who cares? More people.


Fairly sure it’s just a joke about how it’s hitting the super mainstream right now.
Typically gamers have been the opposite of super mainstream.


Nnnnice. Now I’ll have a direct comparison to how better Starbomb are than a mainstream star. Been waiting for years.


Ah k. I really shouldn’t be so ready to jump on gatekeeping that I can’t take a joke about it.


Just joking @bonus :smiley:

I love me some rap god Jimmy.


Meh, gaming will survive.

This is merely the death throes of hip-hop


something something mumble rap.


This is exactly what I’ve been laughing about lately. Like, gamers (especially Twitch gamers) like to think they’re not normies, but they literally are. Everything they do in life makes them a normie. Oh shit, you got an Android phone? Normie. You play on Windows? Normie. Fortnite is your favorite game now? Normie. You drive a car, walk or ride a bike for transportation? Super normie. (non-normies fly using their minds)

Yeah, gamers are super mainstream.