It's been real y'all - I'm out

Hey all I’m out, appreciate the good times! I hope during my brief stay with Strats I was able to provide some value, kick off some teams, kick off some Value add to this communities Destiny Experience.

I’m leaving primarily because I do have a strong preference for cliquey, small close knit groups and want to pursue building a team like that.

I appreciate everyone who interacted with me on these forums, and in game.

I don’t know what else to say, but it’s been real y’all!

I’m sure you could start whatever you want to start by utilizing the good people and infrastructure we have here. I’d be happy to have a conversation with you if you’d like to see if I can make something happen.

Also new here but sad to see you leave. Thanks for setting up raids and helping out with weeklies. Best of luck.

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What da fudge @SkullKontroll!:frowning: sad to see you go brother! Wish ya all the best in the future!

Thanks for all you did skull! Stinks to see someone so good in skill and leadership leave :confused:

I would just like to say that I think it is the Nature of Destiny’s small group dynamic and PSNs party system that makes things seem small and cliquey.

In the other games I’ve been a part of in this community, the social atmosphere has been much more open.
Either way, sad to see you go.

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Your right in the sense that parties are small, but this community gives more then that. Here you have a social environment to meet with a ton of people with different play styles, which allows you to have a group for every occasion. The forums lead to shared information and an ability to organize teams with alts. The large group also allows people to play with when things go wrong and when you didn’t know you could play. This community offers a lot and we encourage group cohesiveness, even on a small scale.

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Interesting discussion.

Wayward gives the perfect response:

In other multi-player games you have a large(er) base of people constantly around you. Cliques are diluted a tad when it comes to “large” group PvE content.

  • EQ1 had 24-72 man raids. Group Size was 6(?).
  • WoW had 10-40 man raids. Group size was 5.
  • Various other games floated from 8-40 man raids. Group sizes between 4-6.

For Destiny:

  • 6 man raids. Group Size 3.

The unfortunate reality is that as you add more people to the melting pot (the community) people tend to flock together with friends and friends of friends. Within a community this can cause issues with emotions, you saw it briefly while setting up a couple raid teams. Expanding upon that concept, you and your buddies want to run harder and harder content and the community pressure of being inclusive is adding to the stress.

In order to attain greater results you have to become exclusive within your team.

That being said, as far as I was aware, the goal of the community was to get away from small cliques. So, in this sense I understand his decision at face value.


Your absolutely right. I was attempting to highlight the benefits that we have as a larger community, I might have mucked that up. I respect Skull’s decision of leaving because it was not what he was looking for. Large communities are not what everyone wants. All we can do is provide a thriving community for those that are.

I’d like to keep discussing how we can better accommodate small groups while not alienating everyone. However I think that’s off topic for skull’s topic.