Its finally here!


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My phone was released yesterday. I’ve been setting up this bad boy. Loving it so far, but still don’t understand the side. Other then this.

I was the only one who preordered an edge at the location, so I don’t expect to see to many around off the bat.

The curved screen is used all the time though, which is nice.




Keep us updated, I’ll be getting the edge next month if it stands strong.

Also if you ordered it at the shop I’m thinking of, freakin lol.


Very nice I’ll have to wait till my contract ends in February :frowning:


It was the one next to the waffle house by the high school. That is a pretty big one I thought.


Very nice. I looked at the edge not to long ago, but I’m using my beautiful Nexus 6. Nothing beats stock Android imo <3 it


o.o it’s beautiful


I’m learning things!


You can do this on on the S4 too


… My phone was really old, so this is a revelation for me…


WELL then, WELCOME to multitasking on the phone, where you can do two wastes of time at once! Bye bye productivity


I still have the S3 and I have multi windows


I saw a commercial for the Edge yesterday. Kind of a nifty feature is setting colors for people and it flashing their color on the side so you know who it’s from before you unlock. Not life changing but cool. The commercial ended with the guy getting in a helicopter. Have you tried the helicopter call in feature yet @Dynamible and how was the ride


Not sure if im digging the edge look. I think I might just go with the regular S6 when I can upgrade in august. Still trying to get over not being able to remove the battery though.


Wait what? You can’t remove the battery on either? I have no read that… hmm. Not sure how to feel about that one. I like to swap out batteries.

The Edge IS a weird design Biff. I’m very cautious about how fragile the phone is going to be and what cases are going to do as far as protection now that the sides are like that. I heard that the Edge didn’t do so well in some bend tests.


Yup, cant remove the battery and there is no SD card slot. They pretty much made it an iPhone.


MOTHER FUCKER. Now the excitement is all gone. Literally have to buy the bigger models now. I should have payed attention to that when I noticed the difference storage sizes.


Yeah I was mad at first but then I realized I don’t really use my SD card in my phone. I have the galaxy note 2014 tablet that I use to watch most of my movies and other things I would need an SD card for. I do carry an extra battery and swap them out when it dies so that could be a problem for me.


Damnit @Biff_Tannen! Now Samsung isn’t going to give me kick backs for selling phones!

No really though. The downsides kind of suck, but I like it a lot so far. That battery is incredible. Like I used to charge my phone three times a day.

@nubhugs the helicopter ride was ok. It was short cause so many people need rides :frowning:


Im still planning on getting it anyway. As long as the battery lasts longer than my S3s I should be okay.