It's Finally Time for the Nub and Drizzt Race!


Ok guys, so myself and @Nubhugs have finally ironed out the details for our next race. We will be racing Hotline Miami 2 on Friday 3/20 at 1300 EST. I mentioned us putting a lil wager on this to make it more interesting but haven’t had any ideas yet, if any of you have an idea feel free to post it up. Otherwise all we get is watching @Nubhugs cry as I school him :slight_smile:


Come up with something that indicates you lost (hat, shirt, etc.) that the loser is required to wear during the next race stream; easy running-tradition, but it’s got to be reasonably-humiliating :wink:


Let the record please show how excited Drizz is, and call for this excitement Friday night when he has lost.

I suggest something forum appropriate to show everyone at Strats that until the next race, one person is clearly the superior while the other is not so much.

Also, taking ideas from the community is a bad idea… If anyone pays attention to this and goes too far the losing condition is going to be crazy-go-nuts


that’s the whole point lol


Only problem is @Nubhugs doesn’t use a camera, so something like that wouldn’t matter when he loses.


Yeah, that won’t work, I don’t believe in using a cam. Besides, you don’t need to see me anyway dressed in some kind of… silly clothes.


If the two of you agree to something forum-related, we can assign a custom title to the loser (assuming it’s not completely-inappropriate ;))


I am OK with this. I’m sure as two mature gamers we can come up with an appropriate title. Go ahead Drizz, hit me with your best shot. Fire away.


I say “Sucks at Life”


MIGHT be a little rough on the person who is trying to talk to people that may not understand why they have the title in the future. :stuck_out_tongue: I like your enthusiasm, but I don’t like the idea of greeting new Strats members and they see “Sucks at Life” next to my name. I think someone more subtle that could get at laugh out of someone who may not be in on the joke.

Like “Shamefully in Second” or “Can’t keep up”

… “Can’t keep IT up” teeehee… mature gamer indeed


I’m so happy you’re already accepting your inevitable loss :slight_smile: and i feel it should be something HM2 related…


Can I just call you No Skills in Miami?


How about:

“Flatline Miami”
“Not-so-Hotline Miami”
“Second Place Scrub”

If I think of more, I’ll come back and edit.


I love it.

I was trying to think of something along the line of the game’s title “Wrong Number”


-falls over laughing- Here you two go. Again.

Ya’ll had me dyyyying laughing yesterday on stream! I cannot WAIT for this.


I like the Flatline Miami as well, nicely done @PeterThomas6. Hey @Nubhugs I think we should do our own talk show on strats chat, the trash talk session.


Hah… no… no… no trash talk from this guy


How does it feel Drizz? To be two days away from the main event.

You people thought the “Day the Music Died” was sad, the real Big Bopper is coming on Friday and it’s aimed right at Drizz.


Welp, you’re gonna be pretty sore Friday night man, from the BUTT whooping you’re gonna get, I might be nice and bring you a butt pillow so you won’t be too butthurt all next week.


what’s that drizz? I can’t understand you. I don’t speak second place.